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Alabama medical assistance programs for uninsured and free health insurance.

When people have limited health insurance, or if they are uninsured, then the state of Alabama may be able to assist. They offer qualified low income families free or affordable health care as well as government insurance policies. Some of the programs are offered in partnership with non-profit agencies or the federal government, while the state of Alabama will also directly administer some aid as well. Find free health insurance in AL below.

Applicants will need to meet the low income limits that are in place and there will usually be a formal application process, including for Medicaid. While not everyone will qualify for free or low cost health insurance or medical help, and funding is limited, thousands of lower income and uninsured families in Alabama qualify for free government health insurance. Adults, seniors, and children can receive medical care or prescription medications from one or more of these programs.

Any type of government coordinated medical care will help individuals free up their money to pay for other basic needs. Some people will also be able to receive more ongoing health insurance from the state, even for pre-existing conditions. More information on some of the available resources are below. Or learn more on tips to find cheap health insurance policies.

Free or low cost health care resources or insurance plans

Telecommunications Access in Alabama, or ATAP, will help the deaf, individuals with a hearing loss and people with disabilities get equipment for their needs. Receive equipment and/or services such as in-home notifications systems for door, amplified phones, or large visual display TTYs or even a free government cell phone. Many non-profits donate items as well. Call 256-761-3381 or 205-328-3989.

Alabama AIDS Drug Assistance Program will help people who lack insurance and who need HIV related medicines. This is known as Ryan White Part B. There will also be transportation, free vouchers, and access to free health insurance policies. The state, using funding from this free federal government program, can provide these medications to the needy or those who lack health insurance. Phone - 866-574-9964..

The HIV/AIDS Waiver Program will help a patient remain living in their home. It offers personal care, case management, skilled nursing, both skilled and unskilled respite, homemaker, and companion service. It is offered to people who are diagnosed or being treated for HIV. Dial 800-362-1504.




Medicaid in Alabama is free government health insurance for the low-income, people living in poverty and poor. The government program combines federal and state government resources to provide care. Get free eye exams, home care, insulin, access to insurance that pay for telehealth and other care from Medicaid, including for single mothers or pregnant women.

This is a state of Alabama and federal government sponsored public health insurance for those people who have a low income and no other insurance. It will also help patients that were denied other forms of coverage due to pre-existing medical conditions, such as disabetes. The state of AL can help pay a portion of medical bills and premiums. Expenses covered can include prescription drugs, primary care, and much more. Call (334) 242-5000. Even find free items to get through Medicaid insurance.

ALL Kids is Alabama's version of CHIP, or Children's Health Insurance Program. It is run using mostly federal government funds and grants. CHIP will offer very affordable or even free health insurance policies for children under 19 who do not qualify for Medicaid or other private assistance. Some families, including single moms in AL, who use this program are even considered to be more moderate income. The state, working with health care providers, will offer immunizations, prescriptions, low cost vision and dental care, and more. Telephone 888-373-5437.

  • Alabama Medicaid for Low Income families as part of All Kids is also for students, teenagers, and children up to age 19 who still reside at home. This is free government sponsored health insurance for the low income, poor, and uninsured among others. A wide range of medical services are offered. 800-362-1504
  • SOBRA Medicaid will help pay health care costs and medical bills for pregnant women and children under the age of 19. This is only offered for people who are not eligible for the All Kids Program and who meet low income guidelines. Receive low cost dental and vision services, immunizations, sick visits, prescriptions, pregnancy related services, and other expenses. Call 800-362-1504

Early, Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program is a well child check up service for children who are enrolled in Medicaid, and it can even help people who are up to age 21. It will pay the bills for dental and medical, behavioral health services, lab tests, vision/hearing screening and immunizations. Call 800-362-1504 for information.





Homecare for the elderly and/or disabled is offered. This can help pay the costs when the patient is uninsured or has a poor health insurance plan. The Alabama PACE program (phone 800-362-1504) will pay for homecare so an elderly person does not need to go to a nursing home. It covers nursing costs, medications, transportation, mobility costs and other bills, including for people with no insurance or money. Another option, the CARES Program (877-425-2243) pays for caregivers. There is help for counseling, respite, insurance costs, food and more.

Medicaid for the Elderly and Disabled (E/D) Waiver Program is free health insurance focused on senior citizens and the elderly. The goal is to help Medicaid recipients, who may be faced with institutional care, to remain in their homes. Sign up for services including case management, home delivered meals, personal care, adult day health, and respite care. The state also works closely with non-profit agency on aging centers. Call 800-362-1504.

Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection and Treatment can offer free tests, screenings, and even more to women who lack health insurance or who are underinsured. Some of the testing offered can include pap smears and pelvic exams, appointment and/or a voucher for a mammogram. The free health insurance program helps women in AL pay for an OB/GYN and related medical care.

There is free diagnostic services such as diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, colposcopy, or biopsy. for people who have no insurance If you are found to have cancer, then receive free treatment thru the federal government Medicaid assistance program which is free treatment. Residents can enroll even if they are already undergoing treatment. Dial 877-252-3324 or 334-206-5582.

Plan First is family planning program for women under the age of 55. Females who enroll can receive tubal ligation for women 21 or older, yearly family planning exams, care support from a nurse or social worker. There are some free forms of birth control such as Depo-Provera shots or pills, pregnancy and STD testing, and just general help in family planning. It is a form of free health insurance policies for women. Phone 888-737-2083

Free disability equipment is offered from STAR -Alabama Assistive Technology Resource. Government funds will pay for items such as wheelchairs, scooters, ramps for a home, as well as other modifications. There are also referrals to care for Alabama residents that are unisnured. It is in addition to any help from the Medicaid as well as Medicare health insurance policies. Call 800-782-7656, or find details on borrowing medical equipment from charities.

Free vaccines for Alabama Children Program is a resource that allows lower income and uninsured families to pick up medications from clinics as well as health care centers. The federal government will provide Alabama with vaccines, who then distribute the items to clinics and low income families. Patients may need to pay a small amount towards the vaccinations, and it may be a sliding fee scale. This means that individuals will only pay what they can afford to. Phone 800-469-4599.





Medicare Savings Program helps senior citizens, or disabled people, pay for through Medicare policies. The state will offer funds for insurance premiums, coinsurance, deductibles, and co-pays. The elderly will get assistance with Medicare Part A, B, or D or other related costs they have. Call 800-362-1504.

SenioRX/Wellness Prescription Drug Assistance is free medical insurance for Alabama residents who are over the age of 55. The state works with non-profits, hospitals, doctors and healthcare providers to offer free prescription assistance and wellness to people over the age of 55. Aid is offered to people with chronic medical conditions and who lack health and prescription drug coverage on their insurance policies. SenioRX can also help people with disabilities. The program also works closely with national drug and pharmaceutical companies. Phone number is 800-243-5463.

The Alabama Health Coverage Tax Credit Bridge may be an option for people who receive monetary payments from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation or who get government benefits from the Trade Act. It will pay for almost 75% of the enrollee’s health insurance premiums while they wait for Federal HCTC approval. Call 866-644-3780


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