Woodbury County assistance programs.

Woodbury County and Community Action Agency of Siouxland assistance programs

Several different assistance programs are offered to those who need help by this non-profit. They include the following.

  • Rent payment assistance - Financial aid may be available to help prevent an eviction from your home or apartment.
  • Heating and utility bill assistance - The federal government funded LIHEAP program helps qualified low to moderate income individuals and families by paying a portion of their primary heating costs. A crisis component can also help prevent a disconnection of service.
  • Food vouchers and assistance - This service provides a short term supply of food and groceries to low income and struggling families who are in crises. This is available on an as needed basis and is dependent on food availability. Appointments are encouraged but walkins are allowed to visit the office as well.
  • Weatherization - This energy conserving program can help people save money on their heating and utility bills.
  • Grants from General Assistance - This can be used for basic living expenses or for a security deposit for people leaving transitional housing or the Welcome Home Project.

Contact Sioux City Community Action Agency of Siouxland at (712) 274-1610. The non-profit offers other support as well, and learn more on programs from the Siouxland Community Action Agency.

Financial, debt, and housing counseling

The Center for Siouxland is an organization that is committed to helping people get back on their feet. They offer a variety of programs, counseling services, and more. Some of the services they provide qualified individuals include:




  • Consumer credit financial counseling - Learn about debt management plans, and get tips on how to work directly with creditors. Learn additional negotiation tips.
  • Debt management programs. Reduce interest rates, get fees waived, and save money over the long term.
  • Predatory Lending practices and learn your rights. Learn about free legal advice and tips.
  • Foreclosure and housing assistance and advice. The state of Iowa also also tactics. Learn Iowa foreclosure mediation programs.
  • Credit reports and learn how to repair your credit.
  • Receive counseling on how to restructure debt, including medical and credit card debts.

Contact the Center For Siouxland at 712-252-1861.

Sioux City Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is located on Villa Avenue and they can be reached at 712-255-8836. They run a thrift store, can provide food, and may have limited financial assistance for utility bills, or they can refer people to local Iowa programs and charities.




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