Western Colorado assistance programs

The counties that make up the western part of the state, including Delta, San Miguel, Gunnison, Montrose, and Ouray Colorado, have numerous assistance programs and agencies that operate in them. Low income and others can get food, help with rent, energy bills, and other financial aid.

Christ’s Kitchen - Serves food and hot meals to the low income. Dial 970-275-2735. Montrose Colorado.

Montrose County Health and Human Services - All health care counseling and medical care is private and confidential, and health care is provided regardless of someone’s ability to pay. Receive medications, screening and referral for medical problems, counseling, and more health care. 970-252-5000

Montrose County Housing Authority - This non-profit government agency deals with housing, rent, and landlord issues. They try to help people become self-sufficient. More on section 8 housing.

West End Services (phone 970-252-5000) offers WIC, health care screening, and information on assistance programs. Some of the programs they offer and administer include:

  • Food Stamps - Free or low cost food and groceries
  • Energy Bill Help - LIHEAP and other programs can help people pay their utilities and heating bills.
  • General assistance - Financial aid and support for expenses, and information is provided on local non-profits, charities, and government programs.
  • Child care assistance
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance For Needy Families) - Food and other resources




Sharing Ministries, Inc., which can be reached at 970-240-8385, offers free food boxes and groceries to low income and struggling people.

Gunnison County Social Services - This government agency can provide the low income, working poor, and struggling families and individuals with access to government programs, aid, and various forms of support. 970-641-7940


Colorado Legal Services - Free or low cost legal counseling, advice, resources and information are provided for low income persons in civil legal, matters. 1-800-521-6968. Also click here for more information on Colorado legal services.

Salvation Army Delta provides food, clothing, and access to other basic needs, advice, and may be able to provide referrals for rent and utility bill help. 970-874-4840






By Jon McNamara

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