Weld County Salvation Army emergency assistance.

The Weld County Salvation Army is part of the regional non-profit. They are involved in providing everything from housing to senior citizens to disaster relief and free Christmas toys or meals. There are some basic needs as well as financial aid programs, but these are limited. When possible, the Greeley center refers clients to rent assistance, heating bill programs, or free food pantries.

Resources are also focused on different age groups or needs. Assistance is provided to everyone from senior citizens to immigrants and the youth in the community. In addition, the Salvation Army centers in Greeley Colorado also work to customize their social services for the need in question.

Housing programs – There are different solutions arranged. Residents that are currently homeless may be assisted as well as families in a crisis that need rental assistance. Some of what may be provided is as follows:

-Emergency shelter for the homeless, including free hot meals, clothing, sleeping bags, and more.
-Transitional housing is for individuals moving out of a shelter. There are apartments for veterans, families with children, and particularly senior citizens in Weld County.
-Social workers from the Salvation Army can help individuals seek programs to help them pay rent or maybe a security deposit as part of Housing First.
-The elderly can apply for Silvercrest Senior Residences, which is in neighboring counties.

Weld County seasonal programs operate during the fall and winter months in particular. During Christmas, free toys are given out based on donations as part of Angel Tree. There are also holiday parties held to spread the joy in the Greeley community. The goal is to provide food, meals, and gifts to as many lower income families as well as seniors as possible, but this is only available if people donate to the Angel Tree service.

Other seasonal programs range from providing a little extra financial help for paying gas or heating bills during the cold winter months to Thanksgiving turkey meals to the homeless and people in poverty. Also, volunteers try to deliver hot prepared holiday meals to the homebound, disabled, or elderly in the community. The Salvation Army offers these programs both locally and nationally.





Year Round Grocery and Food Assistance - The Salvation Army operates a pantry to feed individuals in an emergency or that live check to check. Hungry people, the homeless, and anyone facing a crisis can use the pantry, if they qualify. They can take advantage of the box of groceries given out as a form of food assistance. It helps families keep their family fed.

Additional social services may be arranged too. Since the Greeley Salvation Army Corps center is limited in size and scope, some of these are run in partnership with the neighboring offices. This means that applicants may sometimes be referred to these other locations for support.

Limited funding (or even vouchers) may be used for paying emergency expenses. Weld County families can call on the Salvation Army if they need a prescription drug for a serious illness. Or if their heat or electricity is about to be turned off, or if they need rent help, then support may be arranged. This will require a financial contribution from the applicant and also require case management with a Salvation Army social worker.

Substance abusers, whether from drugs or alcohol, can receive counseling from Harbor Light. There may be some minimal costs for this, but the Salvation Army works with clients to break the cycle of abuse.




Youth can be assisted as well. This ranges from mentoring to referrals to summer camp for children from low income households. The Weld County Salvation Army will also ensure children are fed by providing free healthy food. They can also be given a snack during the summer months when out of school. Children can also seek back to school supplies or a free winter coat, hats, or gloves during the winter.

The Greeley Corps location of the Salvation Army offers many short and long term assistance programs. Even when not qualified, referrals may be given from their main office at 1119 6th Street, Greeley, Colorado 80631. Or dial (970) 346-1661 for information.


By Jon McNamara

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