Weber County Salvation Army assistance programs.

General assistance as well as material support is available from the Weber County Salvation Army. The faith based charity, which helps people regardless of their religion, age, or race, is one of the greater Ogden's as well as one of the nation's leading church based groups that provide help to the poor.

The Community Service Center provides a number of social services, with a focus on helping children. Another goal of the Ogden Corps is on serving as a resource for families that are facing a financial crisis, and this is when the Salvation Army may step in to provide a little money to pay some rent or serve a meal each weekday. Or there may be funding for other critical living expenses, such as an energy bill, voucher to buy a medication, clothes, and similar items.

Much of what they provide to the working poor is the result of the money raised from the Ogden Salvation Army Family Store. There are also fund raisers help throughout the year (such as the Red Kettle during the holidays), donations from national groups (including the United Way), and government grants used. But the Family Store is where most of the money comes from.

This second hand shop sells items to the public. There may be clothing (both for summer and warm winter attire), furniture, baby supplies (cribs or diapers), toys for Christmas or a birthday, electronics, and more. Another use of the thrift store is to sell vintage type goods, including record players, clothes from generations ago, antiques, and collectible.

As noted, the Weber County Salvation Army Salvation Army assists children. Most of this is for low income households, but any child that is struggling may get support. The programs range from after school care to affordable summer camp, a music and arts ministry, and Sunday school. They try to teach kids using everything from Scouting Programs to camps such as High Peak.

Many children benefit from the seasonal services too. But these are readily available to anyone that is struggling and that meets income guidelines. The primary ones available provide free toys at Christmas (Angel Tree), school supplies and uniforms (Back to School program), a Winter Coat Giveaway and also hot Thanksgiving and/or Christmas meals. Applications are needed for these services, and volunteers are always needed from the Ogden Utah area.





When it comes to Aid for Families (the name of the financial support), the resources will always be limited. The funding also changes throughout the year. It comes and goes based on the sale of items at the Family Store and other factors.

When possible, the Salvation Army Center in Weber County may be able to help with certain bills. When applying for financial aid, bring proof of income, residency, and ID. The funding does vary, but there may be everything from money for rent to utility or utility bills. This will generally be for families facing homelessness or the lose of power in their home.

Other Aid for Families services are focused on people from the community that are at risk. This may be a senior citizen that is cold or hot in the winter/summer. Maybe they can be given a small space heater or free air conditioner. Or there can be help for someone seeking a job and just needs to get to it, or a person that is sick.

Meal programs feed the hungry, and also tackle the root cause. The Ogden Salvation Army pantry is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The staff and volunteers there provide free food boxes, hygiene supplies, material aid and other essential items. In addition, a Homeless Breakfast is available in Weber County, and this occurs daily from 7 to 8am. Find other Utah food pantries if needed.

The staff also help battle addictions and restore families. This can be done on a one off basis, or it can be combined with some of the other ministry and worship services in an effort to share support or love with the client. The fact is many resources are available.

The Salvation Army Community Service Center that covers Weber County is located at 2615 Grant Ave, Ogden, Utah 84401. This is also where the second hand store is. For more information, dial (801) 621-3580.



By Jon McNamara

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