Salvation Army Wayne County and Detroit assistance programs.

A number of Salvation Army centers are located in the Wayne County area of Michigan, including in the greater Detroit region. Some of the locations can provide qualified families with emergency assistance for basic needs and paying bills. Resources and programs are focused on helping people overcome the barriers to self sufficiency. While the number of assistance programs are wide ranging, the services are flexible and can be individualized to the needs of each person.

Housing assistance is offered by Detroit Salvation Army centers. Funds from various programs are used to stop clients from being foreclosed on or from being evicted. Funding is limited, and is really offered in an emergency.

Applicants will need to stop by a nearby Salvation Army Social Service center. They need to have a notice of foreclosure from their bank or mortgage company, or have a 5 Day Pay-or-Quit eviction notice from their landlord. People will be screened to determine whether they can qualify for rent or mortgage help. You may also want to call to determine if there are even any emergency rental or mortgage assistance funds for disbursement.




If you are found to be eligible, then additional appointments and applications will be required. If the Wayne County Michigan Salvation Army approves your application, a check that can be applied to your housing expenses will be mailed directly to the mortgage company, landlord, or bank who is owed the funds.

Transitional housing and shelters are available. The focus of many transitional housing programs is to remove the barriers to self sufficiency while helping address their short term housing needs. Rental and housing assistance programs and services are flexible and can be individualized to the needs of each client, single parent, or low income family. Transportation services are also available and were designed to assist women and low income families in transition from homelessness to independent living.





Salvation Army Detroit utility assistance. This may be able to provide funds and emergency aid to stop disconnection of your utilities. Or help can be offered to reconnect your primary heating or cooling source. The main programs are known as People Care and Share the Warmth, and it is mainly used to cover fuel oil costs as well as bills from local electric and gas utility companies. You can apply during the summer for help with paying cooling bills, or winter for heating expenses. Energy conservation and weatherization is provided by the eastern Michigan Salvation Army centers from the Warm Training Center.

Many centers offer free food, groceries, or meals. Most limit households to applying at once every 30 days to request food from the pantry. The amount of aid available in the Michigan area will vary. Portions provided by the Salvation Army will depend on the amount of donated items and stock on hand. They will also consider your household size.

Conditions need to be met by applicants and potential clients. For example, anyone seeking food or groceries will need to bring a current government issued picture ID. You also need to have the names, ages, and genders of all household members, as well as proof of income. If it is your first time applying you will also need to more than likely provide information on household expenses such as utility bills, rent/mortgage expenses, phone and food costs.

Most Salvation Army pantries and shelters also offer free hot meals throughout the day. This can include breakfast, lunches, or access to a soup kitchen. Any member of the local community may visit the food pantries or shelter areas for a meal or even a bag lunch or emergency food basket.

Holiday and Christmas assistance is provided, with a focus on families with children ages 0-11. Qualified applicants can receive food, toys, coats, and other items for free. The Angel Tree program can distribute other clothing items as well.




School supplies are distributed by the Salvation Army Wayne County Area Command. Once again, the focus is on serving the less fortunate in Wayne County and eastern Michigan area. Resources are offered for children, and they will help people get back to school using this assistance program. Several locations throughout Detroit Michigan are available for the community to donate new school supplies. These donated items, books, pencils, clothing and school supplies are then distributed for free by The Salvation Army centers to the needy.

Detroit area Salvation Army Corps centers

  • 11325 Montrose Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48227, call 313.835.3736
  • 3737 Lawton, Detroit, Michigan 48208, dial 313.361.6136
  • 3735 Harding Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, telephone 313.822.2800
  • 3729-89 West Chicago Rd, Detroit, MI 48206, 313.897.2914
  • 1258 Biddle Ave, Wyandotte, Michigan 48192, 734.282.0930
  • 26700 West Warren Ave, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127 main number 313.563.4457
  • 24140 Mound Rd, Warren, MI 48091, 586.754.7400
  • 3737 Lawton, Detroit, Michigan 48208, call the center at 313.361.6136


By Jon McNamara

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