Wayne County Action Program.

The Wayne County Action Program provides a number of services from resources such as the Success Center. The organization can help qualified low income families, seniors, and the disabled in Ontario, Seneca, Wayne and Yates Counties in New York State. If the community action agency can’t meet your needs, then they may have referrals to other nearby agencies or charities.

Examples of their programs include application for energy assistance (weatherization and HEAP), basic needs (clothing, shelter, and food) and self-sufficiency (education and job training). The organization is committed to helping the less fortunate in its service territory.

The Weatherization program is available to qualified low income and poor families. The households needs to wants to reduce their annual heating and energy costs.

This free state of New York energy conservation program ensures energy efficiency and money savings to residents that qualify. The overall goal is to provide healthy, comfortable and safe homes for participants, with a focus on seniors of families with children. In order to achieve these goals, the program cooperates with other agencies and charities throughout the counties.

Thousands of low-income homeowners and renters from Wayne, Ontario and other counties have benefited from this over the years. It has helped people conserve energy, lower their annual heating bills, save money on utilities, and keep their homes warm during winters. Weatherization saves, on average, anywhere from 25%-35% on a home’s winter heating bills. Funded by federal government, it is available to eligible residents of Wayne and Ontario counties. The services of the program include caulking around doors and windows, health and safety inspections, extra attic and sidewall insulation, window, furnace and door repairs, and weather-stripping including around pipe wraps

Additionally, heating systems and furnaces are cleaned, repaired or replaced, as needed by Wayne CAP. In some cases entire windows and exterior doors are replaced by the contractors. All of these free services are performed by professional energy auditors and agency’s staff and will help homeowners save money on their annual utility bills.




Transitional Housing from the Wayne County Action Program (CAP) is for single individuals. In addition, clients of the center must be officially declared homeless by a case manager. Any applicants will need to have a rep payee refer them to the housing center or they need to go through the Wayne County Department of Social Service.

In order to enroll in the temporary housing program, people must meet eligibility requirements and accept the terms and certain policies. More self-sufficiency includes the Intensive Parenting Education and Support Program.

Staff from the community action agency provide assistance to families and their children from this resource. Clients will need to save a portion of their income for paying a security deposit or first months rent on a new home. Some of the services of the program include home-based family education, family development and advocacy services. Qualified clients for the programs are the FACT (Family and Community Together) program participants. FACT is provided by the County Aging and Youth Department

Job-training programs are part of Wayne CAP Works. These are administered and are available to all community members. One of the primary goals of these employment assistance programs is to help participants develop skills and gain certifications necessary for being successful in the workplace.

In addition to hosting computer skills workshops, resume reviews and manufacturing works class, services include interview, resume creation support and finance training. Moreover, program options include in some cases, for those students that qualify, free scholarships are available for the income eligible.

The Ontario and Seneca County region is support by weatherization (as noted above) as well as other Energy Reduction Services. The non-profit Wayne County Action Program administers to residents of New York with energy savings. The statewide program offers education on how to additionally save energy and lower energy bills.

Free services for qualified housing include cost-effective electric reduction measures (high efficiency CFL lighting and refrigerator/freezer replacements) and home performance strategies (insulation and air sealing). Those who apply need to participate in a utility low-income payment assistance program from the agency or state.





Referrals are needed from participating utilities, local Offices for the Aging in counties such as Yates and/or Weatherization Agencies are accepted. Call 315.812.0033.

The Advantage After School Program is for students, teenagers and children. It gives them a safe, friendly and welcoming environment during school hours. Licensed by NYS Office of Children and Family Services, AASP is run in strict accordance with the NYS School – Age Child Care Regulations and other criteria. Therefore, safety and well-being of each child enrolled is checked regularly.

Financial assistance and basic needs are available at the regional Success Centers. These are part of Wayne County Action services and their resources. Locations are in several counties, such as Ontario New York. The agency offers various support services to needy clients through the Success Center. It provides low-income participants with food, gently used clothing, furniture, individual and family counseling. there are also links to community resources, including financial support such as low interest loans, grants from HEAP or section 8.

Emergency Services are for regular clients. They may be given access to free food boxes, legal aid, and clothing and furniture supplies. Success Center intends to make positive changes in the community by promoting self-sufficiency and long term sustainable lifestyles. Clients are often referred to appropriate partnering agencies, such as rentl assistance progeams or local wayne County food banks or other charities.

Gleaning is the name for a program in which the Success Center provides fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables to eligible low-income applicants. The goal is to fight hunger and reduce poverty.

Employment assistance, including job search, is for clients who are searching for employment. They may find help from the Success Center through Job Search. The goal is to help individuals reach their full potential.

Case Management are available to all clients. Social workers and case managers provide help to participants to create plan and achieve their goals in order to become self-sufficient and independent.




Education / GED Classes from the Success Center provide an opportunity to adults who want to finish their education.

Basic Needs from Clothing Supplies and Furniture Closet - The Wayne County Success Center receives donations of household supplies, gently used clothing, appliances and furniture throughout the year. These contributed items are available to clients in need. All individuals who are in need of a particular item are welcome to call for assistance and to apply. If the local facility does not have your item available at the time, they will either offer a referral or place you on a waiting list.

The community action agency operates from the following centers. Address is 159 Montezuma Street Lyons, New York 14489, 315-665-0131. Another office is at 7190 Ridge Rd. Sodus, NY 14551. Call 315.483.8080.


By Jon McNamara

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