Programs from Watts Labor Community Action Committee.

Serving the city of Los Angeles, and the South Central region in particular, the Watts Labor Community Action Committee works with the homeless and people facing poverty on addressing any barriers to housing they are faced with. They also strive to end the general cycle of poverty, and offer many services to make this happen.

The organization will help clients make the transition from having no consistent place to stay to placing them into a shelter or short term, transitional housing sites. In addition, WLCAC provides other services, such as they supply identification, food, basic items to meet immediate needs, clothing for work reasons, and assistance with receiving public benefits.

Housing assistance from Watts Labor Community Action

The federal government funded Shelter Plus Care Program supplements the services of the Access Center. It works by offering families supportive and educational services as well as ongoing case management. Other components of it include family or drug counseling, temporary shelter, medical and mental health services, transitional housing, and applications to rental subsidies from long-term Section 8 housing. Each year, these programs enable hundreds of families in Los Angeles to move from poverty to permanent housing stability and long term economic self-sufficiency.

A women’s shelter offers temporary housing over a few month period, and this is even for single parents and their children. There are also supportive services and guidance for families working toward gaining stable, permanent housing such as a low income apartment. Amenities include private and semi-private sleeping quarters; access to bathroom facilities for those with disabilities; showers; laundry facilities; a full kitchen with low cost meals; a room for meetings and counseling services.

Transitional Housing for the disabled as well as Mental Health Clients provides structured living arrangements. This is a resource created by Watts Labor Community Action Committee for clients in need of some supervision and support. The aim is to provide the disabled person with semi-supervised living services in order to avoid a return to a condition that may require hospitalization. They also receive financial support, including information on SSI disability applications, that can eventually help them make the transition to an independent living situation.




Programs for seniors

WLCAC provides an array of services that benefit the senior citizens living within the service area of South Central. One program, the Bernice Watkins Vision Complex, is the largest program for senior citizens and their spouses in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

This particular Complex is composed of two multi-purpose centers, one in downtown LA and one in Watts, where the elderly can participate in a number of activities. There are educational programs, field trips, and day care programming; clients can enjoy hot, nutritious meals, or receive free health screenings.

Also, hot meals are also available to center clients and seniors at WLCAC’s satellite soup kitchens and feeding sites, which serve thousands of free meals on a daily basis. Additionally, the program delivers hot meals to the homes of elderly, the homebound or disabled clients who cannot leave their homes to visit the centers.

Much more is provided too. Other senior services include transportation assistance for shopping or medical appointments, in-home care, and referrals to other social service providers. Assistance programs are all offered according to an individualized plan of care, through a structured, comprehensive service. The overall goal of the Watts programs programs for seniors is to provide a variety of social, medical, nutritional and related support in a protective setting.

Employment services in Los Angeles from WLCAC

The WLCAC job placement or employment program has developed over the years as well. It is now a seamless system that provides training, job placement, and post-employment guidance and support. It is for anyone that needs help in obtaining a new or better job. There is training for adults, seniors, veterans, youth and dislocated workers, as defined by the federal Workforce Investment Act.

The system from WLCAC thoroughly prepares residents of South Central Los Angeles and its surrounding communities for the work force by offering a wide range of guidance, services, and free advice related to employment success. Staff help with Employment Readiness, On-the-Job-Training, Job Advancement, Tutoring, Computer and skills Training, GED Preparation, and more general Career Exploration and Guidance. Several other services are offered too.





Transportation assistance in Los Angeles is provided as part of the WLCAC’s Greater Watts Transportation Program, or GWTP. The non-profit operates a fleet of trolleys, buses and passenger vans used for local community transit. The uses of this service can be for door-to-door transportation by mini-bus at a nominal fee to health care facilities, senior centers, shopping centers, and community service agencies for the elderly and disabled.

Locate home repairs and weatherization services

The Watts Labor Community Action Committee Weatherization Project provides low income families, including both tenants and homeowners, with free energy-efficient alterations and repairs to the homes. This is administered to qualifying South Central LA residents. Available Weatherization measures include the installation of low-flow shower heads; attic insulation; weather stripping for doors and windows; duct wrapping; minor repairs, and caulking. Funding for the WLCAC Weatherization service is provided by the Southern California Gas Company.

Other home repairs may be available too. This is namely from the city and county of Los Angeles funded Handyworker Projects. The agency performs minor home repair services, such as patching roofs, to the homes of low and moderate-income homeowners or the elderly in South Central Los Angeles.

Regardless of race, age, or religion, the Watts Labor Community Action Committee is focused on helping the less fortunate. The main office is at 10950 S. Central Ave., Watts, California 90059, or call them at 323-563-5639.



By Jon McNamara

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