Washington DC water bill assistance.

Qualified low income customers in Washington DC can get help with paying their water bills in an emergency. Priority will be given to people who are faced with shut off of their service. The main programs offered are the Customer Assistance Program as well as a service that is known as Serving People by Lending A Supporting Hand, or SPLASH for short. Learn more about the resources below.

Customers are offered an extension on their water bills from the Serving People by Lending A Supporting Hand program, so it is basically an extended payment plan. The resource is funded solely by contributions from local businesses, private customers and the community at large, with matching grants from DC Water. This means that only a small number of families can be assisted.

The SPLASH financial assistance program is a Washington DC water bill payment program that helps low income customers, seniors, and disabled. It will help them maintain both critical water and sewer service in times of financial hardships or an emergency. Hundreds of customers are able to benefit from this every year and have had an imminent shut off prevented.

As indicated above, this is a donation program. You can contribute to it, and you can also receive a tax break for any contributions you make. Every dollar that is received will be distributed to eligible customers in the greater Washington DC area. It is a way to give back to the community, and to also receive a tax break in the meantime. To learn more or to apply for this payment assistance program and other options as indicated above, please dial 202-354-3600 to speak with a Customer Care Associate.

Another option for qualified families and individuals is the Customer Assistance Program. This is more of a discount program that is offered for your water and sewer bills and overall usage. The District of Columbia's Department of the Environment (DDOE) Energy Office administers this particular discount service to income qualified households in the area.

The CAP program will offer eligible low income customers with a discount on their account of up to 400 cubic feet of water and up to 400 cubic feet of sewer services each and every month. This can equate to current savings of up to $28.80 per month for water and sewer services. So the monthly savings can be immense.





Various guidelines need to be met in order to receive the discount from the Washington DC Department of the Environment. One of the criteria that will be referenced and used to determine qualifications will be the federal government low-income guidelines. This looks at both the number of residents in the household as well as total income before determining whether a discount is provided or not.

Among other steps that must be taken during the application process include these. Applicants will need to provide proof of their total household income, such as a paycheck stub. This needs to include the incomes of all residents that reside there. They must provide proof of age and the number of individuals who live in the home or apartment as well. Applicants assistance program will also need to provide a copy of their current water or sewer bill.

Washington DC Water is located at 5000 Overlook Avenue, S.W., Washington, in the District of Columbia. They can be called at 202-787-2000. Stop by or call them for information on these or other water bill payment plans, discount programs, or emergency financial assistance.




By Jon McNamara

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