Volusia County Council on Aging senior assistance programs.

The Volusia County Council on Aging provides assistance to both seniors in the community as well as their caregivers. There are many assistance programs administered, all of which can address short term needs to help the client remain living independently.

Dozens of employees (and many volunteers) work with the agency on coordinating services. Some of the programs, such as minor home repairs from a Handyman service or Meals on Wheels, rely very heavily on volunteers from the community. However other programs are also available directly from the Council on Aging, including information on free stuff such as food from a pantry or durable medical equipment.

The elderly facing hunger can sign up for Meals on Wheels or seek a free hot lunch. In general, home delivery is available only for exceptional circumstances (and with pre-approval). There may be a volunteer that delivers food to the homebound, sick, or people just released from a hospital. There may also be a small charge.

Free lunches are more widely available from the Volusia County Council on Aging. If the senior or their spouse can get out and about, and has access to transportation, then this is the program available to them. Free healthy food and companionship is provided.

A low cost, minor home repair/Handyman service is provided. All of the work will be done by pre-screened and approved contractors. The program is only for minor work, such as Widening of Door Frames for Wheelchair Access, some much needed Painting, safety needs such as Grab Bar Installation, or minor plumbing work. Staff can visit the senior or disabled person throughout Volusia County.

The Volusia County Council on Aging Housekeeping and Personal Chore service is similar to above. There is generally a small cost, but some seniors can apply for a free program. Pre-approved staff can help with cleaning, laundry, and some other minor chores around the home.

When it comes to chores, this can even include just general companionship to local transportation around Daytona Beach or other towns. Sometimes a senior can no longer drive due to age or medical issues. But they may still need to go grocery shopping or make it to a doctor appointment. So the COA of Volusia County chore program can give them a ride for a low cost, such as reimbursement of gasoline expenses.





Guardianship is often effective in ensuring the client is treated fairly. Often a senior citizen needs help in dealing with financial matters or maybe they need help in understanding medical issues. So this service ensures they are treated fairly in the community. In fact, the 7th Judicial Circuit Court system in Volusia County can even appointment a guardian for the elderly person.

Community Resources from Council on Aging in Volusia County

The older people, especially those living on a fixed income such as a pension, often need financial support too. The COA can provide information on this, with a focus on medical or health care needs or directing clients to free items from charities and government agencies. But they also have insight on housing, energy bill programs from the state of Florida, and much more. These resources can both solve a crisis and get the senior back on the path to stability.

Medicaid or Medicare:  This is a managed health insurance program paid for by the patient and the federal government. There are some co-pays due and other funding that the family needs to apply for. When possible, the health care policy will help eligible, low income individuals with the cost of prescriptions, medical or dental appointments.

Volusia County Council on Aging can direct the resident to an application site. There will be some fees due from the patient as well, and the federal government only covers a portion of the medical bills.




Legal aid and guidance can also be arranged. If the senior is having difficulty in obtaining benefits (such as Medicare) then an attorney can often make a big difference. Or they also help clients avoid scams and the legal aid will generally care for any issue that comes up.

The Volusia County Council on Aging is based at 160 N. Beach Street in Daytona Beach, Florida 32114. For more details, including on where to apply, call the office at (386) 253-4700.


By Jon McNamara

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