Vigo County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Operating for over 100 years, the Salvation Army in Terre Haute and Vigo County can help struggling families. They tend to offer a different program most days of the week, such as a free dinner or resources for children. When it comes to financial help for paying bills, this is only available as funding  allows and after an appointment is made with a case manager.

The various programs available from the agency are provided as a result of the staff at the Social Service Department. Both well trained volunteers and full time personnel provide assistance to the needy and are also involved in raising money or awareness from services such as the Red Kettle. More information is below.

The Salvation Army food pantry in Terre Haute is only available for clients with a referral. This can be provided either over the phone or in person. The location is open Tuesday through Friday for a portion of the day. People should always call in advance for both hours and approval.

Similar to all pantries in Vigo County, this will rely on donations from the community. People as well as businesses in Terre Haute Indiana often hold food drives. Or they will donate surplus canned groceries to the pantry. Some stores, such as restaurants or retailers including Walt-Mart, also work to support the operations of local food banks.

In addition to the pantry, a dinner is also held one day per week by the Vigo County Salvation Army. During the holidays, this may occur more often as the charity wants to ensure that families living in poverty have a Thanksgiving or Christmas. But there are a number of other free food pantries in Vigo County for families to try.

Some of the food programs are seasonal in nature. They will often also be combined with basic needs for the household. What this means is that, as an example, the Salvation Army in Vigo County will try to provide more holiday type groceries during the fall months and throughout December. This will help families prepare a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal on their own.

The food is often combined with goods for children. During the summer and early fall months is when a child can get a summer snack in lieu of a free lunch at school. There will also be free school supplies (such as pens, back packs, shoes, etc.) passed out to them. So various resources are offered from the Social Service Department year round.





With a focus on stopping homelessness in the county, the Salvation Army may on occasion be able to help with rental expenses or a past due utility bill. The grants can be used for heating costs to keep a vulnerable family warm during the winter, or maybe help a single mom with a job keep the electricity on for their kids. When there is funding available, only a small amount of money is provided. Any support from the Salvation Army is a hand-up, and not a “hand-out”.

Some of this funding is the result of grants received from the federal government, and other sources of money for rent help includes the funds raised from the Vigo County Salvation Army thrift store. This is where residents of all income levels can obtain clothing, furniture, school supplies, and other items for their home or apartment.

Other, non-monetary aid is issued by the non-profit. While these programs may (and often will) change over time, they include the following. A Fellowship is offered for Men and Women, and children have access to a club as well. There are Sunday worship sessions and summer camp for students organized in Vigo County. So many other services are run by the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army Terre Haute Social Services is the main center for information as well as applications. It is located at 234 South 8th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana 47807. Potential applicants should call 812-232-4081 for referrals or intake.




By Jon McNamara

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