Ventura Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Emergency assistance programs are offered by Ventura Catholic Charity programs. A number of centers are located around the county, including in Camarillo, Moorpark, downtown Ventura, and Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Oxnard. Some of what is offered includes older adult programs, free food, gently used clothing, child care, and very limited rent and energy bill assistance. Priority is often given to elderly, the homeless or school-aged children.

Several centers are located in the region, and a greater number (over 20) are in the southern California region. If you need help, these locations serve as a first point of contact. The Catholic Charity centers offer referrals, advice, and supportive services aimed at reducing homelessness and breaking cycles of poverty in the community. Each center runs its own programs to help people deal with a crisis. All Ventura Catholic Charity services and assistance programs are available regardless of a person’s religious belief, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Emergency assistance can help strengthen individuals and families, with a focus on preventing homelessness. Thousands of people receive assistance that allows them to stay in their homes or apartments, and resources help thousands of families stay together. Some of this emergency aid includes fresh and healthy groceries, limited financial assistance for rent or utilities bills; state-sponsored health care, diapers, baby formula, and transportation assistance. If the agency can’t meet your needs, they often have referrals or data on other local community resources and non-profits.

In addition to those programs, a nearby food distribution center is the Moorpark Pantry. Food and vouchers are offered from this facility. Also get help in applying for government aid such as CalFresh.

Senior citizen and elderly aid – Some studies show that almost half of all seniors who live alone in the Ventura County region are unable to keep up with and pay their bills on time. For a number of reasons, some of these seniors are more likely to experience malnutrition, decreased mental acuity and/or even depression. So Catholic Charities’ offers social services, healthcare, and special programs for the elderly in Ventura. They provide services such as compassionate in-home care. In addition, some special financial assistance may be offered for their needs, as well as nutritious food home delivery and access to community resources.





Case management and advice is offered on an individualized basis. It is one of the key services of Catholic Charities, and it provides results-driven case management to those in need of help, and will help those who are desperate. All Ventura clients who live in a shelter and also some community center clients may be able to participate in the case management process. Get help in identifying areas for improvement, short and long-term goals and importantly get assistance on developing steps to achieve those goals.

Other programs include English as a Second Language, Financial Literacy, GED Preparation, Homeless Prevention, Job Training, Legal Assistance, Medical Counseling and Referrals, Nutrition and Healthy Food Classes.

Immigration and refugees services provide advocacy and support to families and individuals who need help. Case managers and specialists from Catholic Charities can help people obtain information on federal and state of California programs. Get assistance in legalizing your residency status and support in becoming naturalized citizens.

The main goal of their programs are to reunite newcomers and families to Ventura. This is done by legalizing persons residing in the United States who currently lack lawful immigration status. The agency can also assist in the lawful immigration of family members to the United States. The quality, low cost program is structured to encourage self-sufficiency and assimilation into the broader culture and help them achieve economic independence in immigrant families.

Another option is the Refugee Resettlement program. It will help newly arrived refugees to the United States and California. Programs can help them start their lives over in the southern California region.  Catholic Charities’ specialists and staff members provide compassionate, advice, referrals and other services to these newcomers.

The immigration and refugees programs offer a full range of employment services and case management to help immigrants and refugees to adjust to life in the US. Services are offered in multiple languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic; Armenian; Cambodian (Khmer); Chinese (Chiu-Chow, Cantonese, Mandarin); Farsi; French; Greek; Korean; Russian; Spanish; and Turkish.




Locations of Ventura programs

Adeste Child Care Program – Ventura County, Regional Administration
303 North Ventura Avenue, Suite B, Ventura, CA 93001, dial (805) 643-4760
Licensed after-school program for school-age children at two sites

Ventura Community Services Center
303 North Ventura Avenue, Suite C, Ventura, California 93001, call (805) 643-4694
This location offers case management, financial and material services and food pantries in Ventura, Cabrillo Village and Saticoy California.


By Jon McNamara

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