Assistance from UPTOWN Faith Community Service Center.

Emergency assistance from UPTOWN Faith Community Service Center can help struggling families in portions of San Diego. The charity will put a focus on senior citizens in the region as well as families with children, however others can contact the agency. They offer job placement from services such as Take Back the Streets and much more is available. A formal application and interview process is in place when applying for any funds, but staff may also be able to provide referrals to other non-profits in San Diego County or southern California if they can’t assist.

A multitude of services are offered, however all resources are limited. For example, the food pantry depends on donations from the community, and any type of financial aid paid out for an expense such as rent will rely on the amount of money raised as well. Guidance and other forms of support can also be provided to low income families.

When seeking any form of financial assistance, applicants will need proof of income, expenses, and a plan in place to achieve self-sufficiency. In most cases, any funds from UPTOWN Faith will be one time only, and the client will need to be able to pay for their utility bills or acquire food on their own in the future. Some additional examples of resources that may be provided are as follows.

People facing homeless, either as a result of an eviction notice on unpaid rent or utility disconnection, may be able to receive financial help for housing costs or access to transitional housing. This can include funds for a rent or electric bill payment, and the charity will offer clients with other support as well, such as mediation with landlords or information on government assistance such as LIHEAP.

The goal of UPTOWN Faith and many other agencies and officials across California is to both stop future homelessness, and reverse it as well. So in some cases there may be assistance in paying for a portion of a moving expense or first month’s rent.

Short term housing facilities may be available from UPTOWN Faith Community Service Center, or some of its partners, including from a site known as Hotel Metro. There are shelters for overnight usage as well as more medium stay transitional homes, and guests will also be provided with a meal, clothing, personal hygiene items, prescription medications and more.




There is also a housing program for youth, known as Alpha Project. Other housing centers from Uptown are focused on the disabled or people with a mental illness or HIV in San Diego, so the resources are extensive.

Ensuring health and safety is also a key goal. People in the housing sites faced with a medical conditions can get referrals to discounted medications or a clinic, if that is the best option for them during their stay. Or other referrals may be provided by Community Service Center staff in dealing with a medical issue.

Note that most of the shelters in the region specialize on a certain type of client or background, such as single-parent families in San Diego County or women. Other centers may focus on homeless veterans or arrange low income housing for senior citizens. So the terms and conditions vary.

Take Back the Streets is a program from the UPTOWN Center that is focused on employment and education. The focus is on assisting what some businesses may consider to be unemployable people. So there is support for ex-offenders, the elderly, or the long term jobless. They will be provided with workshops such as basic literacy instruction, employment placement and counseling, English as a Second Language classes, free computer access, and resume writing assistance.

The food pantry is a key source of hunger prevention, and thus is an important service from UPTOWN Faith Community Service Center. Hundreds, if not thousands, of households across the county struggle from time to time to acquire groceries or a meal for their family. These individuals may be able to get help for those needs.





Food banks as well as pantries or even soup kitchens offer the low income as well as children with free groceries, breads, meats, rice milk, formula, and other items. Special holiday meals can also be arranged by UPTOWN Service Center and its partners, and case managers can also help people apply for long term benefits as well, such as SNAP food stamps.

Establishing long term self-sufficiency is a goal, and this will in effect enable to client to gain stability in their lives so they can pay the bills on their own in the future. Clients can get help in locating job training programs or maybe even a decent paying job.

Thrift stores will sell gently used items, and the money raised goes to fund these various assistance programs and resources noted above. What may be available changes by the week and season, and can include everything from furniture to boots for winter and holiday toys and gifts for children. The Upton Center can try to arrange additional Christmas items and toys be made available as well as back to school items during the appropriate times of the year.

The volunteers and staff from try to provide individuals with referrals, advice, and support. So when facing a onetime crisis, and if terms of the agency are met, UPTOWN Faith Community Service Center can be a valuable resource. The address is 4101-B 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92101. Call the location at (619) 281-8411.



By Jon McNamara

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