Unitil assistance programs in Massachusetts and Maine.

Find information on assistance programs from Unitil. The company will try to provide financial assistance to low income customers, seniors, and disabled. They also have contact information for other local and state programs in Massachusetts, Maine, and nearby regions.

Many customers sign up for the government assistance programs that are offered, including the primary government program of LIHEAP. Government aid provides financial assistance and cash grants to help eligible lower income households pay their winter heating and natural gas bills. Assistance is based on annual household income and the number of members in your household, with a focus on seniors and disabled. Payments are made directly to Unitil or they may provide a credit on your account in some cases. Also if you rent your home and heat is included in your monthly rent payment (which is fairly common in the northeastern states), a portion of your rent may be covered from LIHEAP. A component of it is also known as the High Energy Benefit. Call your local community action agency or dial 978-342-4520 to apply.

Some customers may receive a discount on their Unitil’s gas and electric bills as part of a formal Discount Rate plan they have in effect. It is offered to customers who meet certain low income guidelines. Applicants also need to be on some other form of government assistance, such as those listed below.




-Emergency Aid to Elderly, Disabled and Children (EAEDC)
-SNAP or School Breakfast / Lunch
-Mass Health (DMA or DTA)
-Public / Subsidized Housing or Section 8
-Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC)
-Mass Health (Massachusetts Community for the Blind)
-LIHEAP Home Energy Assistance (Fuel Assistance)
-Veterans Chapter 115 or Veterans Non-Service Pension
-Supplemental Social Security (SSI)
-Food Stamps in Maine





The state of Massachusetts offers their own state run Fuel Assistance Program. It provides emergency energy assistance funds during the fall and winter heating season to qualifying households that meet federal government income guidelines. This is also known as LIHEAP in Maine. 978-342-4520.

Mass Save Income-Eligible Energy Efficiency Program will help eligible Unitil customers in Massachusetts with obtaining fuel assistance, energy discounts, and other efficiency services. The resource will help you determine if you meet eligibility for any aid. Call 978-342-4520 for information.

The Good Neighbor Energy Fund is another assistance program in Massachusetts. Households that use  Unitil for their power can contact their local Salvation Army center for details. It can help people across the state with paying their natural gas and electricity bills and is a program of last resort. You can also donate to the Energy Fund and all money will go to the less fortunate.

The Unitil Arrearage Management Program can help low income customers with managing their overdue gas and/or electric bills by eliminating past due balances on their account. If you pay your current bill on time over a period a months, Unitil will eliminate a past due balance of up to $300. A credit will be applied to your account over time.

Payment arrangements and Billing Plans are offered for residential customers in both Maine and Massachusetts. If you are having trouble paying your bills or think you may soon fall behind, call to ask for help. Customer service members may sign you up to a payment plan that will get you back on track. Another option is the so called Budget Billing Program. The company will try to provide you more time to get current on your account before a shut off occurs.




Free Energy Efficiency Programs, including weatherization, may be provided by Unitil. It will help you improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. Many customers in the cold states of Maine can save hundreds of dollars per year on their Unitil heating bills from weatherization. Call 888-301-7700.

If you live in Massachusetts, dial 888-301-7700 or Maine customers can call Unitil at 866-933-3821.


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