United Tenants of Albany assistance programs.

Assisting both tenants and homeowners facing a foreclosure, United Tenants of Albany offers counseling, referrals, and information on possible solutions. The non-profit and its case managers operate from their drop in center, and they will partner with low income families and anyone facing an eviction or foreclosure to try to find some type of assistance program that they may be eligible for.

While direct financial aid for a housing payment is very limited, this may be possible from time to time in certain cases. More likely clients of the organization will receive other forms of support, whether it is medication or some form of crisis intervention.

Information and guidance can be obtained from both their phone hot line as well as a drop in center, which is located at 33 Clinton Avenue in Albany, New York. These two sources are where details on their services and referrals are available from. Staff from the organization will provide information to questions from the greater Albany community on housing issues.

Tenants with an eviction notice can request mediation between them and their landlord. This can often help find a solution, such as a payment plan for any late rent payments. They will also try to resolve disputes over security deposit claims or maybe the damage to an apartment. Or in some cases the landlord may be open to using some form of loan for any back rent expenses.

If needed, court representation is available from United Tenants of Albany as part of mediation. The counselor from the agency will work with the court system on finding some type of alternative to homelessness. Many jurisdictions also want to stop people from being evicted as well, so they support the process too.

UTA is also involved in the coordination of homeless and eviction prevention services with other charity organizations in Albany. Together they provide support and assistance for people or even entire families who are at risk. This is also available for homeowners that are facing a foreclosure of their home.

The Telephone Hotline addresses a number of requests. Residents from the county are often looking for low income apartments to rent. Others are behind on payments are are faced with evictions. There is also free advice given to people on how to get security deposits back, mortgage problems solved, code violations in their buildings, and how to postpone rent increases. Some people from nearby areas even call the hotline, such as from White Plains to the greater Hudson Valley region.




General Homeless Prevention Assistance is always an option. This can help low income tenants and the working poor to remain in their apartments. The agency will offer court advocacy, counseling, landlord/tenant mediation, and referrals to emergency rental assistance programs. Of particular priority is on helping families with children, whether that is a single mom or just a household that is struggling.

This financial aid tends to be for those that are working, but maybe they are short term or part-time positions. UTA can help provide information as a last resort to those facing some type of crisis or unexpected emergency. Some examples may be due to an unexpected car repair that impacts the ability to work or maybe even the death of a primary wage earner in the home.

United Tenants of Albany provides information to hundreds of people per month. They are a small non-profit with limited resources and staff, but for people facing an eviction or foreclosure, the organization can be contacted for support. The office is at 33 Clinton Avenue, Albany, NY 12207, telephone number is (518) 436-8997. The hotline can often provide more information.




By Jon McNamara

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