United Ministries of Greenville assistance programs.

Low income families of Greenville County South Carolina can turn to United Ministries for referrals and maybe assistance with their basic needs. As resources allow, the non-profit provides much-needed financial assistance so people can feed their families, pay their rent and utilities and continue to be housed and stable. United Ministries also helps the homeless obtain short and long-term housing. Last, but not least, the non-profit offers help with education and employment to those who need it.

United Ministries Emergency Assistance Program

This program provides financial assistance, food and maybe even life-sustaining prescription medications to Greenville County SC residents who find themselves in a financial crisis. Staff and a number of volunteers also provide support. This can include essential life-skill training and they help motivate people to make significant changes in their lives. This will ideally allow them to support themselves in the future.

An appointment is required. After meeting with a volunteer interviewer to discuss their personal needs, barriers and possible solutions, those qualified participants of the program can receive the necessary assistance with rent, food, life-sustaining medications, utility bills, heat and help with completing food stamp applications.

Proof of hardship and documentation is needed to. Some of what is required to apply includes a valid Social Security card, proof of income, picture ID and a recent utility or rent bill. An applicant will also need proof of disability, if applicable. Participants of the Emergency Assistance Program are eligible for support based on individual need and any previous assistance offered. Only a very small number of applications can be fulfilled by the agency. Appointments can be made at the non-profit by calling 864.335.2603. Below are some of the types of assistance available with details on eligibility as well.
-Food may be offered once every 6 months per household.
-Financial assistance may be provided once every 24 months per qualified household.
-Life-sustaining medicine - Once every year per individual.
-Heating bill assistance – This operates during the colder winter months. It is offered at most once every 24 months during season which runs from November-February. This is focused on the elderly (age 60 or older), homebound or for Greenville households with a child under the age of 2.




A resource is the Benefit Bank Services. This will offer referrals, information on public aid, federal resources, and more. The appointments for this service are available Monday through Friday. To learn more or schedule an appointment, dial 864.335.2602.

United Ministries also offers free food bags for low income families in need. A food bag contains up to three days’ worth of nutritional meals, including some or all of the following. Can of spaghetti, milk, vegetables, box of cereal, cans of soup, jar of peanut butter, cans of powdered/evaporated milk, and meat.

A program known as The Place of Hope established by United Ministries provides basic services to the homeless of Greenville South Carolina, while also striving to forge deeper relationships and address the core problems leading to said homelessness. Get help in dealing with unemployment, poor health, substance abuse, mental illness and/or lack of education.

By establishing relationships with participants and showing interest in and understanding of their situation, and partnering with other agencies in the community, the Place of Hope can help individuals of Greenville South Carolina. The focus of the services is on preventing evictions and, if that is not possible, then help people get off the streets and into a home.

Walk-ins from the county may receive access to basic services such as restrooms, showers, laundry services, lockers, assistance with obtaining identification documents, and telephone access. The Place of Hope offers that and other support. For interested participants, United Ministries offers individuals an advanced level of intense case management. This will also include help with securing treatment for substance abuse or mental health issues, obtaining free legal services, securing affordable long-term housing, and more.

Should additional case management be necessary, United Ministries will also work with their main partner agencies to ensure participants receive the best possible services for their individual needs. Case management is available as part of The Place of Hope by appointment.

Educational services

United Ministries’ Adult Education program is designed for Greenville South Carolina residents who are 17 years and above. The first step to enrollment is to make an appointment to take a brief placement testand go through an interview. This is offered anytime during their hours of operation. If you qualify for their program, you can attend a session for practice GED testing and maybe receive one-on-one tutoring. Call 864-242-0917 for more information.

Some of the assistance that may be offered from United Ministries as part of this includes help with Program Enrollment, Graduate Services, extensive Practice GED Testing, GED Preparation and Testing as well as WorkKeys.





While people from the state earn their diplomas in different ways, many government and private studies show that completing high school is the best way to go. It will lead to a much higher income over your lifetime. Unfortunately this just doesn't work out for everybody. But there is a way to get back on track and that is by passing the GED exam.

The United Ministries also offers the Adult Education Program. This resource aims to assist those who do not have a high school diploma to prepare for the GED exam. Individuals from Greenville County who take the GED exam and achieve the passing score that is set by the State of South Carolina will earn a High School Equivalency Diploma. This is issued to them by the SC Department of Education.

The GED is recognized by all colleges, state and local employers, thereby providing its recipient with the same employment opportunities as traditional high school graduates. Staff from United Ministries, teachers as well as volunteer tutors work one-on-one with students of all ages to help them get ready for the GED test. The non-profit United Ministries organization will accept new students every day of the week, after they have completed a placement test.

The program was created in order to allow maximum flexibility for students. They offer services such as studying, tutoring sessions, practice GED testing, formal testing services and access to WorkKeys assessments. Students drop in to the United Ministries office as often as they can for help preparing for the GED at their own pace. The classrooms will be staffed by a diverse group of academic counselors, teachers and by volunteer study partners.

As part of the educational assistance offered, each student will be provided with an individualized academic plan that guides them through the GED preparation curricula that is available in the classrooms. Most of the support is provided one on one with the student. Progress is monitored by regular administration of the Practice GED test.

Another benefit of the program is that while students are in the Adult Education program, they can take advantage of ongoing employment assistance resources as well. The key service offered is WorkKeys, which is a gauge of workplace strengths and skills that are commonly requested, recognized, or even required by local employers. The WorkKeys practice tests are administered in tandem with the practice GED tests that are referenced above. Those who score above the minimum standard on the tests will also earn a Career Readiness Certificate, also called a CRC.

Once someone from the county has based the test and earned their certificate, the agency will work with them to take advantage of new job training opportunities and/or college opportunities in the upstate South Carolina area. This is available from the WorkKeys Coordinator. Classes and workshops will be held on goal-setting, resume-building or career interest. Another option is the Transitions Counselor. This can ease students into the Employment Readiness program, which is expanded upon below.

Employment programs

The mission of United Ministries Employment Readiness is to remove barriers and challenges for individuals who are motivated to improve their employment status. It was created to respond to the needs of Greenville South Carolina residents who are underemployed or that may be seeking employment. It is one of their key services.




The program helps many unemployed or underemployed workers who need assistance. Specialists will work with clients on obtaining and/or retaining existing employment. Youth and new graduates can explore the programs as well. The Employment Readiness program partners with multiple agencies and training providers to improve the financial stability of participants. This program is open to the public.

There will be different workshops and an employability skills class held. Throughout this process United Ministries counselors work with individuals on a one-on-one basis. Participants will get help in building relationships, help with resumes, reinforce employability skills, provide job leads, and remove any barriers that negatively impact employment, such as childcare, transportation, criminal background, and substance abuse issues. Orientations are run every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. at the United Ministries Learning Center. Call 242-0917 for more information, and reservations are not required.

The main United Ministries office is located at 606 Pendleton Street, Greenville South Carolina 29601. Call 864-232-6463.


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