Tulare County homeless prevention program.

Homeless prevention in Tulare County combines budgeting, legal aid, federal government programs such as Supportive Services for Veterans and Families, grants, and much more. A number of different resources are all combined in an effort to help low income tenants as well as homeowners. The goal is to both stop evictions as well as foreclosures from occurring, or at the least to reduce the number.

More details on each of these components is below. The parts are often combined together in an effort to provide the client with the greatest number of options. As the agencies that operate these HPP programs in the region, ranging from CSET to Salvation Army and others, will often focus on one component. But they partner together to offer as much direct financial aid for housing costs along with non-monetary support.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, funds the homeless prevention programs on an annual bases. There may also be occasional donations from the United Wa, which funds local charities as well as other organizations. That number is 211. The goal is to help residents of Tulare County as well as other communities stay housed. There is a particular focus on senior citizens, the disabled, and families with young kids, including single moms.

Each eviction as well as foreclosure prevention program has different qualifications in place. Some help veterans. Others focus on the currently homeless, such as rehousing, and may offer them motel vouchers or grants to pay security deposits. Almost all of homeless assistance services will require the applicant to have a low income, and be able to prove it. They need to bring a copy of their lease, mortgage statement, proof of identification, and other documentation.




Tulare County and Visalia veterans and their families can apply for Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF). This will provide them (if qualified) rental arrears help, money for utility bills, motel vouchers, deposit help and other aid. Veterans will even have any medical issues addressed.

Tulare County homeless prevention always encompasses case management. As the reason someone is missing their rent or mortgage payments is often caused by another reason. Therefore the agencies, such as CSET, will also provide information on Child Care, Legal Aid, Budgeting as well as Personal Finance Planning Services, Payee Services, and much more.





This particular component will also include, if and when needed, additional information on public aid programs. Therefore if there is a person who is facing homelessness and needs access to long term support, this is where section 8 housing choice vouchers can be used. Another possible public aid programs may be welfare and more.

Cash grants can be used as a form of housing assistance. Any payments are temporary, and will be issued to third parties only. So the grant from HPP may be provided by an agency such as CSET to the landlord, utility company, or mortgage servicing company. Funding is never given to the tenant or homeowner as part of Emergency Food & Shelter.

Homeless prevention is also provided for special circumstances, such as a dramatic change in financial condition or situations such as domestic violence. Examples may be as follows.

-Agencies will help women or men that have had a spouse die or maybe a divorce.
-Females in Tulare County escaping from domestic violence can get moving or rehousing help.
-Immigrants can work with agencies to find affordable, permanent housing.
-Chronically homeless residents can apply for emergency shelters, and when they are full, motel vouchers may be issued.

Counseling as well as legal aid is the main component for homeowners in an effort to provide them with mortgage help. The borrower will be referred to local, HUD approved housing counseling agencies. Or a pro-bono law firm in the area. The representative will talk to the bank as well as homeowner in Tulare County in an effort to find a solution that will prevent the foreclosure from occurring. All of these resources are available, and families can be referred to other national or regional programs that can offer them help with mortgage payments.




Tulare County rapid rehousing is a goal focused program. When a client has been evicted from an apartment, they will need to work on what caused this to happen. The same thing applies to foreclosure; homeowners need to address what caused the crisis.

The client may be placed into temporary housing. They also need to stay on track by meeting all of the goals and objectives in place. If they do not do this, then their use of the shelter, motel, or transitional housing center may be revoked from rapid rehousing and they will be evicted.

The goal based service will allow the client time to improve their financial condition and lifestyle. Tulare County homeless prevention will use a mutually agreed upon, goal based plan. At the end of the process, there may be placement into permanent housing, such as a low income apartment in Visalia.

For more details on all of the housing and homeless prevention programs in the region, dial 559.732.4194.




By Jon McNamara

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