Head Start in Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

This particular program is offered not only in Tarrant, but also across the nation. It is a free, yet fully comprehensive program that is offered for low income children, which provides them with access to nutrition, health, social services, education, dental care, and other aid. In certain cases support and resources are even made available for parent involvement.

The leading agency that runs the program across Fort Worth and Tarrant County is Child Care Associates. It is funded by the federal government Department of Health and Human Services. It is offered at all the non-profit agencies that partner with Child Care Associates, and is even available as well in many elementary schools across the region. Arlington, Castleberry, Birdville, Fort Worth, HEB, and White Settlement ISD's are just some of the non-profit agencies that currently partner with the statewide Child Care Associates to offer the Head Start program across the region.

While there are several criteria that need to be met in order to receive aid, in general they include the following. It is offered for preschool children who range in ages from 3 to 5 years old, and of course it is only offered for income eligible families. The scale of income may vary by state or even annual funding that is offered to Head Start by the federal government. The state of Texas as well as the county of Tarrant strongly encourage parents of low income children and also children with disabilities are also encouraged to enroll them in Head Start/Early Head Start, whichever one they qualify for based on age.






Fort Worth Texas and Tarrant County Head Start locations

Abram Child Development Center
Runs the Head Start and Early Head Start programs
Address - 1901 E Abram Street
Arlington, Texas 76013
Phone number (817) 459-0608

Arlington Child Development Center
1825 Grace Street
Arlington, Texas 76010
Call - (817) 838-8422

East Arlington Child Development Center
Address - 2150 Browning
City - Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 838-8422
(817) 801-9101

Tucker Child Development Center
1521 W Tucker Blvd
Arlington, TX 76013
(817) 838-8422
Dial the center at - (817) 548-8678

Azle Child Development Center
1325 SE Parkway
Azle, Texas 76020
Dial - (817) 838-8422
(817) 237-9922

Mid-Cities Child Development Center
Street - 500 N Main
City - Euless, TX 76039
Phone number - (817) 838-8422
(817) 571-2615

Ash Crescent Child Development Center
1027 Ash Crescent
Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 838-8422




Barbara T. William Child Development Center
Serves the greater Fort Worth Texas region. Social services, education, and health care is offered.
4800 S Riverside Dr
Fort Worth, Texas 76119
(817) 838-8422

Clara Harden Child Development Center
2409 Louisiana Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
(817) 926-9152

Como Child Development Center of Tarrant County
Address - 4900 Horne Street
City - Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Call - (817) 838-8422

Diamond Hill Child Development Center
Tarrant County
2412 Salisbury Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76106
(817) 838-8422

East Fort Worth Child Development Center
Tarrant County
5565 Truman Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76112
(817) 838-8422
(817) 457-0946

Englewood Child Development Center
3430 Fitzhugh Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76105
(817) 838-8422 Intake

Address - 6901 Forest Hill Drive
City - Fort Worth, Texas 76140
(817) 838-8422

Fuller Child Development Center
Address - 800 W Fuller
City - Fort Worth, TX 76115
Phone number - (817) 838-8422
(817) 924-4303

Head Start and Early Head Start of Tarrant
Address - 3000 E Belknap
City supported - Fort Worth, TX 76111
Main Central Office (817) 838-8422

Hillcrest Child Development Center
2950 Roosevelt Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76106
Dial - (817) 838-8422
Phone number - (817) 626-2911

Northside Child Development Center
Address - 1901 Harrington Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76106
(817) 838-8422
Phone number - (817) 625-1741

Regan Child Development Center
3200 Reagan is the address
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(817) 838-8422 Intake
(817) 560-0372

Rosedale Child Development Center
5304 E Rosedale
Fort Worth, Texas 76105
(817) 838-8422
(817) 457-7411

Rosedale Child Development Center
Tarrant County
4244 East Rosedale Street
Fort Worth, TX 76105
(817) 838-8422
(817) 535-7711

Southside Child Development Center
Call them to apply for social services, head start, and other aid for your child.
Street - 959 E Rosedale St
City - Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 838-8422

Station 12 Child Development Center
Tarrant County
2410 Prospect
Fort Worth, Texas 76106
(817) 838-8422 or call (817) 626-0522

Tom Rickard Memorial Child Development Center
3006 Schwartz Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76106view map
(817) 838-8422




Worth Heights Child Development Center
3551 New York
Fort Worth, TX 76110
(817) 921-5011

Carson Child Development Center of Tarrant County
2800 Carson Street
Haltom City, TX 76117
(817) 838-8422

824 Oakwood Avenue
Hurst, Texas 76053
(817) 838-8422

Mansfield Child Development Center
Get information on the government funded Head Start Program.
800 E Broad Street
Mansfield, TX 76063
(817) 453-9315

River Oaks Child Development Center
Dial the center at the phone number below.
Tarrant County
Address - 4907 Ohio Garden Rd
River Oaks, TX 76114
(817) 838-8422

White Settlement Child Development Center - Tarrant
728 Comal Street
White Settlement, Texas 76108
(817) 838-8422 Intake number is the place to call.


By Jon McNamara

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