Tampa Bay Florida Salvation Army financial assistance programs.

Thousands of low income families in the Tampa Bay Florida area contact the Salvation Army every year for assistance. Services offered range from providing a bag of groceries to rent help or a prescription medication. Case workers can also provide case management, referrals, and even spiritual guidance.

Many of the emergency assistance programs are offered by the Family Services Department, and a key is on preventing homeless due to a crisis and dealing with events that may be beyond the applicants control. As part of the application process, social workers from the Salvation Army in Tampa Bay will need to conduct an interview and assessment of the individual and their financial condition. After this assessment of their needs is complete, financial assistance may be provided for basic expenses including the following.

  • Rent or mortgage assistance payments in order to stop evictions/homelessness.
  • Get help with the payment of utility and energy bills from the TECO Energy Share Fund.
  • Emergency food and grocery boxes.

Case management, counseling, and referrals are offered to other Florida and Hillsborough County Florida agencies. Referrals are provided to other programs such as SNAP food stamps, section 8, housing services and employment resources. Read more on Section 8.




The Salvation Army Family Services department also provides holiday and seasonal assistance to needy and low income families throughout Hillsborough County Florida, and examples of these more seasonal type services in Tampa Bay include below.

  • Holiday food and grocery boxes at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Gifts and Toys for children and teenagers, including the Angel Tree and Adopt-A-Child programs.
  • School supplies, books and attire for children and teens.

Additional social services are provided in the region. Programs and resources encompass a wide range of services that can help families and individuals overcome daunting obstacles and challenges. While more details are below, some of the aid includes emergency financial assistance for paying for basic needs, counseling, self-sufficiency programming, and more.





Transitional Housing Programs and Shelter is available at the Red Shield Lodge Emergency Shelter. At the same time someone stays at the facilities, they can also receive guidance and case management.

Food and meals may be offered for the hungry and the over 50,000 families who live at poverty levels in the region. The Tampa Bay Salvation Army centers may have food pantries, soup kitchens, and meal distribution sites for the low income and needy. The groceries can help people free up money so that they do not need to choose between paying for food and other necessities such as their rent or medical bills.

Another resource is run in partnership with the Trinity Café. The Salvation Army and the cafe combine resources to provide free meals to the downtown homeless and hungry populations across Hillsborough County Florida.

In total, over 200 needy individuals receive meals at The Salvation Army's downtown Tampa Bay facility on a daily basis. Volunteers and others from Trinity Café provide high quality, restaurant-style service to local women and men, including people who can’t afford food after they pay their rent and bills, low income families, and the homeless.

As indicated above, the Salvation Army's Family Services food pantry offers a free box of nutritious groceries to help people prepare-at-home meals.  Most of the boxes are given to low income and working poor families.




Salvation Army centers in Tampa Bay Florida

  • Tampa/Hillsborough Area Command, 1603 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33602, phone number (813) 226-0055
  • The Salvation Army Correctional Services, 1603 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602, dial (813) 223-3781 Fax (813) 224-9327
  • The Community Worship Center, 1100 W. Sligh Ave., Tampa, Florida 33604, main number is (813) 549-5285
  • Hillsborough Hispanic Ministry, 7409 US Highway 301, Suite 200, Riverview, FL 33569, call (813) 672-8139
  • The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, 13815 N. Salvation Army Lane, Tampa, FL 33613-2205, phone number is (813) 972-0471
  • Emergency and Disaster Services from The Salvation Army, 930 E 139th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33613, call (813) 962-6611


By Jon McNamara

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