Tallahassee Urban League assistance programs.

The focus of the Tallahassee Urban League is on low income families as well as seniors and the unemployed. They administer numerous services for the poor and needy, and this includes housing counseling (for homeowners and tenants), employment programs, and even emergency utility bill help. If the non-profit can’t meet a request, then referrals may be provided to other Leon County resources.

They operate as a non-profit social service organization. Over the years, the organization has provided outreach services and support to the most vulnerable citizens in the Leon County capital region. Some of what they have done is assisting with housing rehabilitation and homeless prevention as well as offering emergency food and shelter. Other services are health promotion, counseling, youth crime prevention and intervention, and job referrals.

Stopping hunger is a priority. The Urban League partners with universities, churches, soup kitchens, businesses, and individuals within the community to provide emergency food relief and longer term support to Leon County residents who are in need. The program’s goal is to fill in any gaps for clients dealing with hunger or some type of related emergency situation. Donations are provided to the needy in the form of both money and food.

Helping the region’s low-income residents, including those facing eviction or foreclosure, with housing-related issues is another priority for all Urban League centers, both in Tallahassee and elsewhere. The Leon County Office has developed an array of housing and tenant programs toward that end, including home repairs and making energy efficient home improvements. Other aid includes loans to pay for overdue rent, weatherization services, housing counseling, and workshops for first-time homebuyers.

Foreclosure counseling is available. A large number of Tallahassee area homeowners are still struggling, and many have lost homes to a foreclosure. Urban League counselors work as liaisons between the homeowner and the bank or their mortgage company’s loss mitigation department to create a feasible plan for avoiding foreclosure action and remediating mortgage arrears through loan modification.

The process is extensive, and the Urban League will work with the Circuit Court of Leon County Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program. This is a court-based program that assists struggling homeowners that are behind on their mortgage and are facing a foreclosure. In partnership with the Florida Housing Development Authority, the Leon County Circuit Court provides attorneys and on-site housing counselors, who submit work-out packages to lenders.




Many other Housing Counseling services are provided from the HUD approved agency. Tallahassee Urban League offers counseling in the areas of delinquent and default counseling, foreclosure, budgeting, and pre-home purchase. There is also Down Payment Assistance provided in very limited situations.

The HUD certified agency also helps renters too. If they have an eviction or pay or quit notice from their landlord, the Urban League will arrange mediation and also explore payment plans with the landlord. In some cases, there may some referrals to agencies that have emergency funds for a rental payment.

Repairs from the Housing Rehabilitation Program are available to seniors or the very low income. The repairs are done at no charge for low to moderate-income homeowners. Eligibility is determined according to level of income and city residency.

Urban League utility bill programs and referrals are available. This will enable qualifying households to pay a small amount towards a bill or utility deposits, with the balance to be paid in time. To qualify, applicants must be Leon County or Tallahassee residents, and must provide proof of income, a lease agreement, and picture identification.

Credit repair, debt reduction and advice is part of the Financial Empowerment Center. The specialists help clients in Leon County Florida in maximizing resources and building wealth. This is accomplished by equipping clients with skills and tools needed to improve their situation. There will be a baseline set for financial wellness and providing any necessary support services to clients.

Another more specialty program is the TUL’s Victim/Witness Services, or VWSP. This assists victims of crime and their families. The program provides support, in-house counseling and aid in filing for compensation, referrals, self-advocacy, and crisis intervention.





Employment services in Leon County

The Urban League (TUL) Employment Services Program provides Leon County residents with a variety of programs and services to support their efforts in seeking gain employment, including organizing job fairs, counseling, and more.

The Florida Department of Employment Services and other fellow community-based organizations host job fairs. Among other things, they recruit targeted populations for employment by specific sponsoring companies and businesses in Leon County.

Workshops and classes, as well as one-on-one counseling, is held. Clients of the League can get tips in regard to conducting a job search, resume review services, acquisition of a job, employment maintenance, and adaptation. Topics covered include mock job interviews how to conduct internet searches for job leads. There is also advice on application completion, sending applications electronically, and how to request appropriate job referrals.

Tallahassee Urban League Career Center organizes a number of employment programs and activities that connect hiring employers with Leon County residents who are looking for work. The Career Center offers services to the un and underemployed ranging from training and referrals to resume preparation, and work-readiness workshops, all conducted with specialists.

The main address of the Tallahassee Urban League (TUL) is at 923 Old Bainbridge Rd., Tallahassee, Florida 32303. Clients can dial 850-222-6111.



By Jon McNamara

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