Water bill assistance in Tacoma.

Senior citizens, low income and disabled customers can receive help with paying water bills from City of Tacoma water bill assistance programs and resources. Reduced rates are offered for disabled customers as well as seniors who meet certain age requirements, and direct financial assistance may be provided in certain cases too.

Up to a 25 percent discount can be offered on your Tacoma Water, the Solid Waste Utility, and the Sewer Utilities bills that you get on a monthly basis. The discounted rate is currently available for qualified, low-income customers who are senior citizens. A reduction in rates is also offered for disabled customers who are currently receiving disability income. Other direct financial assistance may be offered as well from other resources as indicated below. If you fall into either one (or both) of these categories then you may be able to apply and receive a lower monthly water and sewer bill.

Some of the other conditions that need to be met in order to qualify for this reduced rate, customers must meet all of the following conditions.

  • The applicant needs to be the head of the household.
  • Of course a customer must be a City of Tacoma water or sewer utilities customer and have the account in their name as well.
  • As indicated above, the customer needs to be 62 years or older (senior citizen) or the customer needs to be disabled and also receiving disability income in order to get a discount.
  • The applicant must be low income and meet income guidelines. Their total monthly gross household income, which includes all household members and income from all sources, must not exceed certain thresholds. You can dial the program at the numbers below to get the current acceptable income levels.
  • Aid can be provided in multiple years, however customers will be asked to apply for this reduced rate each and every year. Those customers who now receive General Assistance, unemployment or who are part of Labor and Industries must reapply every six months. However those Tacoma Washington individuals who are over 75 years of age only need to apply once.





To learn more or apply for the discounts, seniors and disabled need to call South Sound Outreach Services at (253) 593-3499.

Tacoma Water Assistance/Public Works Assistance

This is another option available for low income customers, regardless of their background, who live in a single-family household or apartment and who have delinquent water bills and are at risk of having their service shut off. These Tacoma Public Utilities customers may be eligible for direct financial assistance for paying water and sewer bills. Note that the emergency payment assistance may also cover City of Tacoma wastewater, solid waste, and surface water charges.

This program also has income guidelines that need to be met. In addition, the residential Tacoma Public Utilities bill must be in the applicant’s name. To apply for direct financial assistance or grants for paying your water bills, call South Sound Outreach Services, at 253-593-3499.




By Jon McNamara

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