Sunrise Center referrals to financial aid and support services.

Families facing a hardship, or individuals looking to break the cycle of poverty by taking initiative on their own, can contact Sunrise Center for referrals, advice and support. The charity and its staff, many of whom are volunteers, are focused on helping the less fortunate address an emergency and gain long term stability.

Many services are offered in the form of referrals across Montgomery County, though most of the non-profits operate in limited capacity and rely on donations from businesses and private individuals. There may be assistance for home repairs for seniors, food and groceries from pantries, and limited funds for expenses such as rent or energy bills to stop homelessness.

Food and clothing programs are available in the county, both from pantries as well as clothing closets or thrift stores. A number of resources are provided for the working poor and those that will otherwise go without if not for the support from charities such as Sunrise Center.

  • Thrift stores sell gently used goods, such as items for work, school, boots, winter coats and more. All money raised from the sale will go to pay for the resources provided by the charity.
  • Food banks in Dayton and the county offer groceries, meals, and more. This can help feed a family as well as children when they are out of options.
  • Clothing, ranging from professional work attire to uniforms for school, can help the larger community.

These basic needs will provide customers with clothing or free food based on availability. In some rare cases, gift card(s) or maybe vouchers will be utilized for emergencies. Almost all of those basic need items passed out are raised by donations from local charities. Any contributions will always be appreciated by Sunrise Center or any other non-profit. Rather than throwing out a gently used article of clothes, donate it. Or maybe purchase some canned goods to donate to the pantry. All of this will make a big difference in supporting the less fortunate and low income in the community.

Homeless and eviction prevention is for people from Montgomery County who identify as being at risk for homelessness. This means they need to behind on their rent or other housing costs. Qualifying individuals, who need to be on the path from stability, may receive referrals to one time financial assistance for back rent, utilities, or security deposits for a new apartment that is more affordable over the long term.




Any type of financial support, or loans in some cases, is very limited. The agency will only offer this aid as a hand up and not some charity type, hand out service. Most of the resources in the Sunrise Center database require applicants to be able to pay the rent on their own in the future, and be working to stability.

Career training is available from local job centers in Dayton Ohio. Local Career Development Programs provides educational opportunities as well as information on employers that are hiring to unemployed and underemployed residents who are seeking to improve their earnings potential.

Clients of these programs can train for employment in fields such as computers, welding, data entry, medical billing, and Certified Nursing Assistant, among others. Those that participate receive additional instruction as well as ongoing support in Career Readiness and Financial Literacy.

There is other educational support available as well, such as for immigrants. Examples may include English for Speakers of Other Languages, credit or debt counseling, information on college scholarships, and more.

Other case management and support services may be offered. Contact Sunrise Center for more information or referrals about the following services for income eligible residents, including government programs such as LIHEAP or weatherization. There may be assistance with deliverable home heating fuels such as wood, fuel oil, propane, and coal. Other support may be transportation to job interview in Montgomery County and other support provided by the charity to income qualified clients. Seniors may benefit from Home Repair Programs, such as roof repairs, and more.




The goal of Sunrise Center is to assist as many people in Dayton and the county as possible, using a combination of direct aid or referrals. Volunteers, donations and state aid is used for this, but unfortunately many people may not qualify or will be turned away. But the main office is at Dayton.

As noted, only referrals are available, as they are a clearinghouse for local resources. The main office is at 1320 East Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402, and call (937) 225-4920.


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