Stafford County Salvation Army emergency assistance programs.

In an effort to help the less fortunate, the Salvation Army of Stafford County provides support. The Christian charity organization gives needy individuals, no matter their race, age, or religion, support they need. There may be free food, rent or light bills help, free Christmas toys or back to school supplies, shelter, a thrift store and so much more.

If and when the center in the Stafford County as well as Fredericksburg region can't help meet a certain need, the social workers will provide referrals to other local resources. As they have a directory of other financial and material good assistance programs in the area.

The Salvation Army operates year round, but the resources ebb and flow based on demand and donations. So things like funds to help pay for rent, car repairs, or utility bills comes and goes, and there is no guarantee to receive assistance. Other services, such as the general counseling as well as use of the thrift store is more widely available and is often open year round.

Seasonal resources

The Salvation Army in Stafford County and nationwide is involved in many so called seasonal assistance programs. This is in fact one of their specialties. What in fact someone can receive includes summer camp for children (including single parent households), free toys from Angel Tree, back to school supplies, and Thanksgiving meals.

These tend to rely on donations. For example, Angel Trees are set up across the community, and people or businesses select the name of a child off that tree. They then buy some or what all of what the child requests for Christmas. This may be clothes, small toys, or whatever. These are then given to the child at no cost to them.





Stafford County Salvation Army Thanksgiving meals and school programs work much of the same way. Individuals or businesses donate backpacks, shoes, belts, hats, notebooks, and more for students. Or there are turkeys and all the toppings given for Thanksgiving. Or find other resources for charitable free school supplies.

Another, maybe lesser known service, is the summer camp. This is another key Salvation Army program in which kids have a place to go during the summer months, when school is not in session. They can participate in recreational activities. There is also a focus on growth and development of the child. During camp, which often is more affordable than competitors, there will be given meals, sporting equipment, and other items.

Financial help from Stafford County Salvation Army

While the faith based charity does try to provide this, it is challenging. This category of support includes everything from housing to vouchers to the thrift store, money for paying electric bills, after school care, and so much more. There may also be some support for work related transportation, including gasoline cards or referrals to car repair places. The Salvation Army has very limited resources to help people financially, but it is sometimes an option.





Applicants need to be mostly stable before any funds are issued. The Salvation Army will therefore require proof of income, copies of expenses/budget, lease agreements, and more. Funds for paying costs such as rent will be issued if they make a difference. In other words someone seeking money for their housing may not be assisted if they will just be evicted again a month or two in the future.

Food is also as part of the emergency financial support. This is distributed from the pantry. The Salvation Army Stafford County Family Store is also used to provide help. This is in fact open year round for people to shop in, but it is also an emergency service in that some families can be given a free voucher to shop there for clothing, furniture, car seats, and similar goods. Locate more details on free food pantries in Stafford County.

Financial aid is combined with Stafford County Salvation Army counseling services. This will ensure the client is given information (and someone to work with) on a path to financial stability. Whether it is employment in the Fredericksburg and Stafford County area, information on budgeting, or some other barrier, assistance will be provided to the person in question.

Location of local Stafford Salvation Army




For more information on their services, and how to apply, the number is (540) 891-2242. Once an appointment has been made, the office that supports Stafford County Virginia is located in Fredericksburg.


By Jon McNamara

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