St. Louis Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army has a number of community centers across Missouri, including in St. Louis. Most of the financial and other assistance available is focused on helping people meet their basic needs in a crisis. This includes, but is not limited to, such support as helping with rent and utility assistance, clothing, food, and more. The St. Louis locations of the Salvation Army will also generally offer services such as job placement, counseling, and more general casework. They can also help victims of domestic violence, and provide emotional support and other resources as needed.

Helping seniors and people over 55 is a focus. This segment of the population is the fasted-growing demographic in Missouri and across the nation. Each and every year the Salvation Army provides assistance to thousands of senior citizens and elderly individuals in St. Louis. The agency either directly operates, or partners with, senior centers, charities, and non-profits. Seniors can gather to be served a meal, learn new skills, socialize, or attend workshops that provide information on programs such as Medicare or social security. There are a number of other ways that senior citizens can get help from charities and the government.

Educational classes, free lunch programs, pre-retirement seminars, and also faith and fellowship are all offered as part of Senior Services. Another resource is Camp Mihaska, which provides seniors the opportunity to gather and enjoy social services. Another option is the St. Louis Booth Manor Senior Living Center, which offers seniors and the elderly housing in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. The center will also offer additional social services to clients.

Housing, Rent and Homeless Prevention Services - The Salvation Army is a partner agency of the state of Missouri Governor’s Committee to End Homelessness. The main resource is emergency rental assistance, housing, eviction prevention and homeless type services program. The Salvation Army of St. Louis works with the state and other non-profits in order to end homelessness. They do this by trying to break the cycle of poverty or addressing its root causes, including lack of gainful employment.

Emergency financial assistance is distributed from centers. Many people are requesting help for the first time ever, which is mostly due to the weak economy. So the Salvation Army in St. Louis will try to meet someone’s need. Programs including.





  • Utility help, including water and heating bills.
  • Housing/rent assistance may be paid out.
  • Food, Christmas assistance, and services like the Angel Tree are always in high demand.
  • Vouchers for items like clothing, gasoline, or prescriptions may be offered.
  • Another key of the emergency aid is case management, which includes counseling services, case work, and job programs.

Missouri Salvation Army Shelters – A few locations are available that can serve the neediest women, children, and men in the region. Low income, homeless, and other residents of these shelters are provided time (up to 120 days) to gain some stability and get back on their feet. Clients are provided assistance with medical treatment, free meals, beds and help with job searches.

After someone is ready to leave a shelter, Salvation Army case managers will help people find suitable accommodations/housing, maybe offer some rent assistance, and offer other support. All of this will allow people to transition back into a more successful life. if the Salvation Army is full, then find other transitional housing programs in Saint Louis.

Veteran programs and services are administered. While some Salvation Army community centers can offer and bundle together care packages, other locations will provide more soft type care, so ensure that veterans experience rest, fellowship, and social services.

The Harbor Light Center, which is currently located downtown, partners with the United States Veterans’ Affairs department to administer a program to help ill, working poor or homeless veterans. Learn about services such as job services, affordable housing, and rehabilitation.

Emergency disaster services can help with issues such as fires, tornadoes, or floods. Trained officers, staff and volunteers work with the Salvation Army to offer food, water, emergency housing, and other care to address the immediate as well as long-term needs of people impacted.




Locations of Salvation Army in Saint Louis

There are several sites both in the city and the surrounding county. Some of them are below. For more information on any of their assistance programs, whether food, financial or case management, call a location below. Or ask for referrals.

  • East St. Louis Center is at 616 North 16th Street, East St. Louis IL 62205. The number is 618-874-3136
  • Booth Manor - Address: 3131 Iowa, St. Louis Missouri 63132. Main Phone: 314-773-6760
  • St. Louis Euclid - Location of the Salvation Army - 2618 North Euclid Avenue, St. Louis MO 63113. Main number - 314-531-5621
  • St. Louis Gateway Citadel, 824 Union Road, St. Louis Missouri 63123, Phone: 314-631-1133
  • St. Louis Maplewood - Thrift store and financial aid office is at 7701 Rannells Avenue, St. Louis MO 63143. Main Phone: 314-781-5434.
  • Family Haven, 10740 West Page Avenue, St. Louis MO 63132, call 314-423-7770


By Jon McNamara

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