Springfield Illinois utility bill assistance.

The main utility provider in the city of Springfield Illinois is CWLP. The company, which offers everything from water service to lights and electricity, has several assistance programs that can help a low-income family. They also of course partner with charities, including the Salvation Army and Helping Hands, but there is also a donation program available known as Project RELIEF, and the funds collected go towards paying utility bills.
In all cases, the assistance is only for low income customers who have a plan in place to stabilize their situation. It can provide them time to get back on track, and not have to fear their utility or water bills getting shut off during that window of time.

CWLP Resources

There are two options that the company offers themselves. The first one, which pays out direct financial aid and relies on donations, is Project RELIEF. The money comes from residential as well as business customers of Springfield City, Water, Light, and Power, and they contribute money to the service.

The funds are only for low income customers who are threatened with a disconnection. The money can go towards paying either water or electric bills that are in arrears; therefore, all types of utilities are covered. Normally only hundreds of people are assisted (at most) per year as Project RELIEF has very limited funds available. This is an emergency service for one time needs and it is not long term support.

CWLP also offers, in limited situations, payment plans. This may be given to a customer who was previously in good standing but is now facing an emergency. It provides relief to them so the account can be cleaned up. The customer service team can also direct clients to the government benefits, including LIHEAP and/or weather which both focus on electric or heating bills. For more details, or to apply for Project RELIEF, dial 217.789.2030.

Electric and water bill help from Springfield charities

Sangamon County as well as the city of Springfield has several charities that help the working poor, senior citizens, and low income. The resources available from each organization vary, and they too are based on funding. A local charity may get grants from the United Way or other government resources. When qualified, they can help customers pay their energy bills or water costs, housing, offer case management and more.





Two of the leading non-profits in Springfield are Helping Hands as well as the church-based Salvation Army. They are independent of Springfield City, Water, Light, and Power (CWLP), but they too can support struggling customers in some instances.

When it comes to assisting with utility bills, they tend to focus on heating and electric first. Water as well as sewer bill assistance is not as common, but it may be possible. All applicants will always need to agree to a case management/counseling process wit these charities. They also need proof of income (from all sources); residency in Sangamon County, and need to prove the financial emergency was not caused by them. Only when all conditions are met, and funding exists, will money be available for water or other utility bills (heat, gas, etc.).

By Jon McNamara

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