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Southern California Gas financial assistance programs.

Southern California Gas works with low-income customers and offers those faced with a crisis a number of solutions. Financial assistance programs are available from the government as well as company, payment plans are offered by Southern California Gas, and certain qualified customers can receive monthly discounts or free energy conservation measures. These and other options are available to qualified low income customers and families.

Discounts and savings programs for Southern California Gas customers

Up to a 20% discount can be provided by the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE). Of course qualifications need to be met by applicants. In addition to the possibility of a discount, those individuals who receive service from Southern California Gas and who are approved within 90 days of starting new gas service may also receive up to a discount on the Service Establishment Charge. All applications need to be reviewed and approved by SoCalGas.

While income qualifications need to be met, the other key way to sign up or to benefit from any of these discount programs is as follows. People who currently receive one or more of the following government assistance programs may receive a discount on their gas bills. If you receive Women, Infants and Children (WIC), CalFresh Food Stamps, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Medi-Cal, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), CalWORKs, or other public aid then you will qualify for the discount. Phone 877-238-0092.

Medical condition discounts may be offered directly by Southern California Gas Company. This is often called a Baseline Allowance. People who suffer from poor health, or who have a medical emergency, may qualify for monthly savings and discounts. Your natural gas may be provided to you at a lower monthly rate if you or someone in your household is disabled, has a life-threatening illness, or if someone requires more heat in winter due to a serious health condition.

The Energy Savings Assistance Program includes free furnace repair or replacement services as well as home improvements that are offered at no cost. Limited-income renters and homeowners may both qualify. Some of the conservation, weatherization, and energy-saving services include pipe and attic insulation; door weather-stripping; minor repairs to exterior doors and/or windows; Furnace and water heater repair, replacement, blankets; Low flow shower heads and faucet aerators; High-efficiency clothes washers and Caulking.




Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb programs may be provided by the federal government LIHEAP program. See below. Studies show that CFL bulbs help people save energy and money, so many electric and gas companies are providing no-cost or reduced-cost CFLs to their customers.

Southern California Gas financial assistance

Gas Assistance Fund is a short term assistance fund that may provide up to $100 for paying a bill. From time to time this program may be in effect. It was originally created by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles as well as Southern California Gas Company. The two organizations will often usually work with anywhere from 80 to 100 other volunteer and nonprofit community-based organizations in the region.

In general, when it does operate, a few thousand families may receive help every year. Aid is focused and prioritized for disadvantaged Southern California residents, and all grants will help them pay their winter natural gas bills. 877-238-0092.

The leading government resource is known as Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Very low income families who pay a large percentage of their income towards their utility bills may qualify for help. LIHEAP is a federal government funded energy bill assistance program. It is administered by, and applications are taken by, community action agencies, other local community-based organizations such as the Salvation Army, and certain state and local government agencies.

Level Pay Plan helps people with budgeting and planning. The program will in effect smooth out the ups and downs of a customer’s natural gas bill by averaging your annual gas use over a 12-month period. Then you will need to only pay an average bill amount each month instead of actual charges. So customers do not face the typical spikes that may occur in their winter or summer gas bills.

Southern California Gas Payment Due Date Extensions may be offered to help qualified customers avoid gas service shut-offs. An extension can help an individual avoid reconnection fees and deposits that would need to be paid if their service was disconnected. You can request an extension from their website, or dial 877-238-0092.





Phone number to apply to SC Gas programs

Customers who are struggling to pay their utility bills, or get service connected, can call 1-800-427-2200 or 1-800-331-7593. There are payment plans, emergency financial assistance programs including from LIHEAP, free weatherization services and other support for low income or struggling Southern California Gas customers.


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