Public assistance and social services in Somerset County New Jersey.

Several state of New Jersey and federal government sponsored public assistance programs are run by the Somerset County Board of Social Services. There are three offices disbursed in the county, which can make the application process easier for families. There is aid for the working poor, very low income, senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, and disabled among others.

Thee main services that are in high demand include cash assistance from TANF, food stamps, rent as well as security deposit help, energy programs, Medicaid, and more. There is a list of public aid that may be relevant. The Board can provide more details.

Medicaid is public medical care for children under the age of 19, pregnant women and families with children. In some cases, caregivers can also apply and this program may also provide coverage to children who are living with a relative. Also, any resident of Somerset County who has Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can get their care from Medicaid as well.

It will pay for a portion of the parents medical or dental bills, so it is technically a form of insurance. Of course the conditions include the family needs to use an approved dental provider or doctor for their care.

Food Stamps - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applications in Somerset County New Jersey can be completed by the following. People that can apply include low income head of households; any “responsible” household member (such as guardian or key wage earner); a designated authorized representative, such as for seniors or the disabled.

If the person is found to be qualified for SNAP, then they will receive a state of New Jersey Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card. This is pre-loaded with a certain dollar amount. Then the food stamps are used to make purchases of approved food at grocery stores, farmer's markets and supermarkets. The goal is to help families (no matter their age) to buy more nutritious food and improve their diets.

As a reminder, SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the name for the Food Stamps. The federal government renamed this public aid benefit many years ago.





Through the emergency assistance program from Board of Social Services, funds are available to crisis-stricken families who are delinquent in their mortgage, utilities or rent payments. In order to receive public aid from the non-profit agency, applicant must demonstrate that their delinquency was caused by circumstances beyond their control.

Similar to this, homelessness prevention services are provided to public housing residents of Somerset County County. The agency also refers tenants who are in danger of losing subsidized housing to case managers, and these staff members then help clients resolve the housing issues. Anyone seeking a grant needs to become self-sufficient. They need to address the issue which prevented them from resolving the delinquency within a reasonable time frame or making a full payment.

Cash assistance, employment resources, and other federal and state of New Jersey benefits are available to low-income and/or disabled Somerset County residents. The main service is TANF, but there is also SSI disability and others. The Board Also can refer individuals and give tips on how to apply for disability.

The three offices to apply at for public assistance are as follows.

Franklin Field Office has an address of 630 Franklin Blvd, Somerset, NJ 08873, dial (732) 846-6499.
Somerville Central Office is a local Board office at 73 East High Street, Somerville, New Jersey 08876-0936, main phone (908) 526-8800
North Plainfield Field Office - 391-D Somerset Street, North Plainfield, NJ 07060, dial (908) 561-9400

Note many other social services are offered too. The disabled or elderly can sign up for Medical Transportation, there are low cost home health aides, child support programs, and much more. Referrals are also given to additional government benefits.



By Jon McNamara

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