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Solid Ground financial assistance programs.

Solid Ground and its staff work to help people overcome poverty and prevent homelessness and hunger. The non-profit, community action type organization provides assistance across King County and Seattle Washington. Some of the main programs administered are noted below.

A key resource is known as Broadview. This provides both emergency shelter and short term transitional housing to homeless women and children. The assistance is provided in a secure, confidential facility to clients such as the homeless, domestic violence survivors and children.

Broadview transitional housing resources also is involved in offering a broad range of comprehensive social services. This is done onsite including 24-hour crisis intervention, domestic violence education and support groups, free legal advocacy, goal setting, mental health counseling and addiction recovery services. In addition, resource referrals for free food, legal services/aid, education and housing is disbursed. Or work with a case manager for information on access and referrals to affordable healthcare. The housing units are Family Housing, Santos Place, Phyllis Gutiérrez Kenney Place, and Brettler Family Place.

Solid Ground provides assistance for families with children under the age of 18 via Family Shelter. Safe and clean, the family shelters in King County provide both short-term ( and also longer term up to 3 months) emergency shelter. All residences offered are in good repair and fully furnished.

The apartments are located in neighborhoods like Magnolia, Queen Anne Crown Hill, and Fremont in Seattle. They are within walking distance of bus lines and grocery stores too. This enables families to stay connected to their schools, jobs and other support services. Serving both single-parent and also two-parent families, shelter accommodates extended families with large numbers of children and teens.

Case management services are available to applicants including referrals to other non-profit needed resources, counseling, food, personal hygiene supplies and free bus tickets. The primary goal of the program is to help families find more permanent housing.




Solid Ground provides a communication hub for low-income people living in King County via ConnectUp. This was formerly known as Community Voice Mail. Services include free phone access, voicemail, internet and other connections for finding housing and employment and staying in touch with communities.

Rent and mortgage help is located in King County from the Homeless Prevention Programs. The non-profit works to empower and educate people with tools to solve problems that jeopardize housing. Components include, but are not limited to, the following. There is also of course emergency rent help in Seattle and King County.

Renter and Tenant Services - This program provides information and referrals on rights and responsibilities under local and state of Washington eviction statutes. Educational workshops are organized for groups, organizations and communities. Workshops relate to landlord-tenant laws and other tenancies topics.

Free Mortgage and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Services – It provides information on homeowner rights and responsibilities in the foreclosure process. Households experiencing some type of housing crisis can utilize the assistance and advice on negotiating with lenders as well. In addition, reverse mortgage counseling for senior homeowners is also available. Educational workshops on the foreclosure process and similar topics are available for people and community members too.

The Seattle and King County Housing Stability Project - This Solid Grant’s program provides one-time grants and low interest loans. These can be used for rental assistance or to pay the security deposit on a new Seattle area residence. It is a possibility for both low-income renters and homeowners who are at risk of eviction or foreclosure. In some cases, the loans can also be used for utility deposits and other expenses, such as back rent. For renters or homeowners, dial 206.461.3200.

Financial Fitness Boot Camp - Solid Ground offers Financial Fitness Boot Camp program for low-income people who are interested in developing a household budget. Other components of it are involved in assisting clients with controlling and eliminating debt, and developing healthy financial habits for long-term stability. Educational workshops on financial fitness and other similar topics through successful strategies are available. Call the number below for more details.





Seattle Washington Housing Stabilization Services - This is a form of support for renters in Seattle who are at imminent risk of housing loss. This is available through this program. The housing assistance is based on each tenant’s goals and needs, which may include job training, help budgeting, securing health services, government benefits and other related needs. The phone number for the Client Intake Line is below.

Housing Safety Net - In a partnership with local non-profits and charities such as Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Solid Ground provides support to households impacted by the foreclosure crisis who also have a chronically ill family member.

Transportation is for eligible community members. The non-profit agency works to coordinate public transportation to grocery stores, medical appointments, visits with family or friends, job interview, work, , etc. People in wheelchairs will receive a proper assistance by trained drivers. Rides to King County sites need to be reserved in advance

Lettuce Link - Fresh food and perishable goods from Lettuce Link is an innovative food and gardening program. Low-income and poor residents of Seattle have the access to fresh, nutritious and organic produce, seeds, and gardening information. The main objective of the program is educating the community and families about food security and sustainable food production.

JourneyHome - Solid Ground provides assistance to homeless families with children throughout King via the JourneyHome program. The services of include transitional housing, long-term case management and permanent housing placement assistance. In collaboration with families, case managers provide thorough intake and assessment to set up effective goal plans. The objective is that families address the barriers preventing them from accessing and maintaining permanent housing.

JourneyHome families can use one out of the dozens of transitional housing units or shelters throughout the county. Helping families find permanent, affordable housing is also included in the program service. Additional services include funding to help with, furniture needs, debt repayment, transportation needs, move-in expenses, and other expenses related to finding a job or housing.

The community action Family Assistance Program provides help to those who are having trouble with the state and their Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) benefits. Or it can help with federal government aid too. As there are several public welfare assistance programs in Washington and King County for very low income families and even immigrants.

It provides clients with free information and referral, advice and direct legal representation to individuals who have had their state government public assistance benefits denied, reduced, terminated or. These benefits relate to Basic Food/SNAP food stamps, Medicaid, ADATSA, TANF, SSDI Disability or Lifeline.

The program can even represent clients in administrative hearings. Staff, including maybe lawyers, advise clients representing themselves.





Food Security for Children (FSC) is tasked with eliminating toddler and infant hunger and malnutrition. The services for low-income families include age-appropriate, baby formula, high-nutrition foods and essential baby supplies (such as diapers) through Seattle food banks. FSC also educates expectant and new mothers on nutrition in order to prevent hunger-related problems. The community resources they need to take care of themselves and raise healthy children are also available. A few demand services are the following.

  • The Baby Cupboard Project is for low-income families. They will be provided with essential, free infant foods and formula. Parents can also get other useful supplies through 20 Seattle food banks.
  • Toddler Feeding Project - Families with toddlers are provided with nutritious foods essential for healthy development through five Seattle food banks.

Phone number to get help from Solid Ground

The above list is an example of what may be offered. Some of the programs have limited funding and/or may have ended. For more details on Solid Group or other agencies, call (206) 461-3200 for information or intake.

By Jon McNamara














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