Sharing and Caring Hands charity in Minnesota.

Families, children and those who are struggling in Minnesota are able to receive assistance from Sharing and Caring Hands. The charity relies on donations and contributions from the community and all money sent to the organization goes to helping the less fortunate.

The agency focuses on directing caring people and the donations they make to people in need of their help. The generous donations and contributions of money, goods, services, and time by thousands of people allow the Sharing and Caring Hands charity organization to make a difference in the lives of individuals. The agency does not receive any government or United Way funding so they rely on people from across the state in order to keep their operations going. Over 90% of what is given goes to helping the poor and only about 8% is for administrative costs. Any donation you make will be tax deductible. Some of what is offered is below.

  • Meals and food. Over 20,000 hot meals are serviced to seniors, the homeless, and low income each and every year. The free meals are served and prepared completely by volunteers and partner charities, including churches. Often times these other groups furnish all the ingredients. Most of the volunteers offer their services and time with an ongoing regular monthly commitment.
  • A food shelf is in Minneapolis. It supplies food and groceries to hundreds of needy and struggling people each month. The pantry (which also serves as a clothing closet) also gives out household goods, clothing, towels, cleaning supplies, and more. The center is committed to maintaining an ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of the poor and low income in Minnesota. Most pantry items are donated.
  • The charity pays for on average over 15,000 nights of shelter for single men and women. The organization can either pay for someone staying at a homeless shelter or money/vouchers may be used for hotel or motel rooms.
  • In addition to paying for shelter, Sharing and Caring Hands helps coordinate transitional housing units in Minnesota. This will house people for slightly more than one night. Individuals or families who stay there will also be allowed to participate in other services, such as employment counseling and similar services. Almost 100 apartments in Minneapolis and other cities may house families. The main location is called Mary’s Place, and it offers the low income and needy with transitional apartments for homeless families with children.





  • Children, uninsured, and low income individuals can qualify for free eye exams and glasses. Over 1000 individuals receive some type of eyecare last year, and many of them were children.
  • Furniture may be provided, in particular beds. The charity distributed over 2000 beds and linens to individuals who would otherwise be sleeping on the floor.
  • Limited financial assistance may be offered. Contributions from people in the community can go towards paying rent, medical bills, utilities, food, shoes, clothing, travel expenses, funeral costs and more. The charity will help pay for expenses that may be incurred in finding a job, such as transportation or counseling services.
  • Case managers can also help people access funds needed to purchase birth certificates or State I.D.’s. Basically a number of resources and other services are offered from the center and all of the assistance is meant to help the poor gain self-sufficiency.

Sharing and Caring Hands has a completely free dental and medical clinic with a  lab and also two fully-furnished dental stations. Volunteer dentists and doctors staff the clinics, and the center can also treat the homeless.

Most of the aid is distributed from the Minneapolis based Day Services Center. This is where a majority of the clothing, hot meals, furniture, and other basic goods are provided from. That main Sharing and Caring Hands also has a dental and health care clinic on site. Or apply for utility bill assistance, funds for rent, or vouchers for eye glasses. Hundreds of people stop by the location every day.

Their offices provide other assistance programs to the needy. Some of the other support (as funding allows) may include bus tokens, security deposits, job training or employment expenses, co-pays, vouchers for state identification, eye glass vouchers, and more. You will also be able to meet with a representative from the charity to get one on one support and advice. Call Sharing and Caring Hands at 612-338-4640.




By Jon McNamara

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