St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs in Scranton, Lackawanna and Wayne County.

The Society St. Vincent de Paul church as well as partners in Scranton provide assistance in Lackawanna and Wayne County. There are a number of social services offered, with a focus on immigrants, women, the homeless (or close to it) as well as the very vulnerable. Whether help with documentation or housing, free food or a meal from the soup[ kitchen, clothes, or basic needs, the charity works to help.

The main parish is in the Scranton area but assists the Lackawanna and Wayne County Pennsylvania region. Donations keep it going as well as the support of volunteers. There may even be some limited, emergency financial help for bills as well as other critical expenses.

Guidance and social services

St. Vincent de Paul in Lackawanna and Wayne County helps newcomers, with a focus on immigrants. Both undocumented as well as legal. Immigration Assistance includes many social services. The Scranton Society of St. Vincent de Paul English as a Second Language classes are open to immigrant and limited English-speaking adults and seniors residing in Lackawanna as well as Wayne County. They also help them acclimate to the area in other ways. They coordinate for Immigration and naturalization legal aid; Advocacy and Information; Translation and interpretation; and Referrals. Other social support may be as follows.

  • -Information on applying for welfare and public aid.
  • -Job placement services.
  • -Immigrants often have trouble in accessing housing in Scranton, and Society of St. Vincent de Paul can help with this.
  • -Help in getting documentation, free legal aid for immigration needs and other support. There are also credit building programs for immigrants.





When it comes to non-English speakers in the region, the ESL Program serves hundreds of individuals at all language levels, including beginning, intermediate, and advanced. There are multiple sessions in Scranton or nearby towns. There may be workshops available at two sites that are convenient to areas with large non-English speaking populations, as well as to public transportation.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides other guidance and support in Lackawanna and Wayne County. They work to help the poor, elderly, disadvantaged, and needy get the help they need. Assistance and resources are given on a case by case basis. Whether it is help in finding employment or credit counseling, or advice on applying for welfare or government aid, the guidance will vary based on the client. Referrals may be given to local financial assistance programs for everything from heating bills to rent. Volunteers as well as staff from Scranton St. Vincent churches offer this help.





Free food, meals, and low cost thrift store from Scranton St. Vincent de Paul

When hunger is near, the Supplemental Food Shelf/Pantry/Soup Kitchen is available. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Lackawanna and Wayne County serves as a satellite location for the regional Feeding America Food Bank in Pennsylvania. The charity, as part of this service, is able to distribute groceries to those in need, generally a few days of free food supplies. It is open a few days per week, a limited number of hours per day.

Anyone seeking assistance needs to drop in, or they can call in advance for the hours. Clients can come in to pick up the groceries, non-perishable food, and household supplies including soap or detergent they needs. There are a limited number of monthly visits.

The Scranton Society of St. Vincent de Paul agency uses many sources to help generate funds for the programs run. The money is used for financial help, immigration support, food or other needs. One of the key methods is the operation of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul thrift store. Donations of clothing, furniture, shoes, jackets, and miscellaneous items are delivered to the stores by donations and volunteers from the surrounding communities.

The store is open a few days per week. The inventory changes weekly, if not daily. Therefore anyone that shops there may find different items. The store sells goods for kids, teens, the elderly, and even new moms or dads. There may be free cribs for new low income parents as well as other baby supplies. After expenses that society of St. Vincent de Paul incurs to operate the store, one hundred percent of the net proceeds goes directly to paying for resources that the working poor apply for.




Apply for Lackawanna and Wayne County Society of St. Vincent de Paul

There are multiple churches as well as services that are part of it. The address is 516 Fig St., Scranton, PA 18505. The main phone number is (570) 207-2283. Whether food, a hot meal, or basic needs, the charity tries to help the needy.


By Jon McNamara

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