Sarasota County public aid and government assistance.

Residents of Sarasota Florida that meet low income guidelines may be able to get help from the Department of Children and Families, Sarasota location. Social workers and staff from the office can direct individuals to a number of government assistance programs. Some of these public resources are funded by the state of Florida and others by the federal government. However they are made available to families in Sarasota County.

Examples of what may be available to those that qualify include Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF), Food Stamps, public health insurance such as Medicaid, housing, and other aid. Additional details on these resources can be found below.

The SNAP food assistance program can help qualified, low income individuals and families purchase groceries and nutritional foods. The items provided are intended to help children and families get the food they need to maintain and promote good health. What will happen is the beneficiary will be issued a type of debit card that they can use to buy their groceries at local stores.

Food Stamps is a federal government funded program administered locally in Sarasota County Florida. It will help indigent and low-income households. They will be able to obtain an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card. Those households that are approved will be able to purchase a designated amount of groceries by using that EBT card. The amount of aid paid out depends on the households size and their income levels.

If you are going hungry and are in a crisis, then Florida can provide expedited food stamps. When needed, assistance can be issued within seven days for people who are in an emergency. However families should really apply for help before they are faced with a crisis situation.

Financial assistance may be provided in Sarasota County by TANF, or the Temporary Cash Assistance program. There are many restrictions and qualifications that need to be met in order to qualify for this public assistance program.

Cash grants and funds may be issued to families with dependent children. The county can help clients in the payment of rent, utility bills, basic needs and other household expenses. In addition, TANF can provide financial assistance to pregnant women in their third trimester. Any type of support provided by the government is also time limited, so it is not ongoing. Clients will also need to be actively searching for employment, in job training and/or working.





The main public health care program for the low income and poor is Medicaid. Senior citizens, the disabled, and elderly may also benefit from this. This health care program can provide medical bill assistance to individuals and families to cover or assist in the cost of services and treatment that is necessary. Medicaid is state of Florida insurance for individuals meeting income and asset standards. The county may also be able to help seniors apply for Medicare and provide more information on that resource.

Several other programs from the Department of Children and Families are offered as well.

  • They include adult payments which may be financial assistance for elderly and/or disabled individuals. Examples can include SSDI and others.
  • Child care vouchers and subsidized care may be provided for parents that are working or in job training.
  • Sarasota county may have information on low income and public housing as well. This can also include section 8 vouchers for paying rent.

The Department of Children and Families is located at 1864 17th Street, Delores G Dry Building, Sarasota, Florida 34234. Call (941) 316-6000. Most of the public assistance is limited and will often come with a waiting list, especially for housing programs. Social workers can advice residents on the programs and resources that may be available to them.



By Jon McNamara

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