Santa Fe and Sandoval Crisis Line financial assistance programs.

The Santa Fe New Mexico Crisis Line service is run as a non-profit organization. The agency is one of the leading social service groups in the region. They offer information to assistance programs, such as referrals to housing and employment opportunities, while also working with partners across Sandoval and Santa Fe county.

Housing assistance and self-sufficiency is offered. The various crisis line human services programs provide low income families and individuals with support. The goal is to help people live safely and independently in their town.

One of the primary programs is known as Continuum of Care for Enhanced Support Services, or ACCESS. The charity works to offer both transitional and longer term permanent housing, job development, case management, parenting and social skills training, and more. Of course both housing counseling and landlord/tenant mediation may be offered by the crisis line. The Santa Fe ACCESS resource also works closely with programs such as St. Martin’s Hospitality Center, SAFE House, and Healthcare for the Homeless.

Senior housing is available from Hibernian House. This is an affordable, safe housing community for low-income and working poor senior citizens. This unit is also offered in partnership with the Jewish Family Services, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Hibernian House, and the City of Albuquerque. Elderly who qualify will receive rent vouchers and subsidies based on their household income as well as unit availability. Seniors will still need to pay a portion of their rent and participants contribute 30% of their monthly adjusted income toward their housing costs. It also offers other support such as case management.

The Santa Fe Rental Assistance Program (RAP) is also offered by the Crisis Line partners. This may be able to assist renters who have fallen behind in their monthly payments due to unemployment, illness or other unforeseen or emergency circumstances. Help may be offered for people facing eviction, as well as those who are currently experiencing homelessness in the region. Various other homelessness prevention services are available through location of safe, adequate housing for each family.




The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as well as the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority work with the crisis line social workers to provide case management services, rental assistance, communication with landlords and more. Case managers can also provide referrals to other social service agencies in the region, including in Sandoval. Get help as well in in locating more affordable housing or apartments to live in. The RAP program assists households of all religions and races in the region.

Chronically homeless individuals and single parent families can turn to Partners in Housing. This is offered when someone has a disabling condition. Qualified participants receive assistance with child care, housing, filing for disability benefits, counseling, and a wide variety of other services. Also, the Crisis Line partners with other non-profits in the Santa Fe area such as Barrett House in an effort to prevent homelessness.

Gateway to to Self-Sufficiency, or Proyecto La Luz, may be able to support lower income, single-parent families experiencing homelessness. Among other things they can get help in finding housing and other government benefits.

If you are found to be qualified, then participants are required to either work and/or attend school full time in an effort to increase their income and overall earnings potential. Beneficiaries must also access all supportive services for which they are eligible, attend life skills workshops, counseling and learn how to prepare a budget. If all of this is done and met satisfactory, then your rent will be subsidized for up to two years. This is similar to section 8 in that a portion of your monthly rent still needs to be paid by the client.

General social support is offered. This includes some or all of the following.

Receive assistance with health screening and other transition services. Sign up for individualized case management. Find assistance obtaining essential documents, such as a drivers license. Also sign up for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.





Employment services are available in Santa Fe County too from the Crisis Line. This includes job development programs that assesses each individual’s work history and skills to match the person to an individual job. Access computers and databases to find information on local employers. Immigrants and refugees can also get help with tutoring and language coaching, transportation, and other resettlement issues.

Center for Educational Opportunity offers resources such as early head start, preschool in the South Valley, provide basic education (ESL, GED) to adults including classes in Spanish. The crisis line will also offer a Center for Self -Sufficiency and Housing Assistance.

Center for Immigration and Citizenship Legal Assistance supports newcomers to the state of New Mexico. This can offer people free or low cost legal aid, address the rights of immigrant victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. The goal is to help newcomers get settled properly, including supportive services for education, employment and overall cultural adjustment.

For referrals to services from the Crisis Line and other groups, dial 505-245-1735.




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