Assistance programs from Catholic Charities in San Francisco.

While the San Francisco Catholic Charities offers a number of social services and support programs, a focus is on housing and homeless prevention. They also operate several offices and centers around the county as well as city. Find information and details on many of the services as well as Catholic Charity church assistance programs below.

Housing resources from Catholic Charities

Eviction and Homelessness Prevention Programs may offer qualified people support in the form of emergency rental assistance for security deposits, back rent, and other bills. There is information and referral to appropriate community agencies or government programs. Catholic Charities CYO is one of the leading local agencies in the Family Eviction Prevention Collaborative (FEPCO) of San Francisco.

FEPCO is an organization of community of service providers that help the needy and low income. The organization can streamline the rental assistance intake process for working poor, low-income, and at-risk families and individuals who live in San Francisco. Find a list of places to turn to for applications to rent help in San Francisco.

Most studies show, and Catholic Charities is well aware of, that preventing homelessness in the community is significantly less expensive to both the individual and society as a whole. The costs in offering rental payments and intense case management is much less than providing transitional housing or emergency shelter to a family that is homeless in the community. Through one-on-one meetings with a housing specialist or rental assistance specialist, clients of FEPCO and other organizations may receive direct financial assistance and access to the programs and the referrals that are needed to remain stably housed.

Another financial and rental assistance program in high demand is the Housing STAR (Stabilization and Recovery). This resource may be able to assist families and/or individuals who are at imminent risk of being evicted and facing homelessness. Qualified individuals may be able to help people obtain and/or maintain stable housing. Whether they rent a home or apartment, aid may be offered. STAR can offer temporary financial assistance, grants and housing stabilization services.





Housing STAR and similar programs offer clients access to grant funds, including from the federal government and their Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Programs. Money from this resource can provide rental subsidies, security deposits, back rent, utility bill payments, and maybe even provide a limited amount of funds for moving cost assistance. Catholic Charities of San Francisco also offers referral and information for other eviction prevention services.

Another of the key components is long term resources. So therefore Housing STAR serves families and qualified individuals through this rental assistance program so that they may pursue opportunities that may remove barriers to permanent affordable housing or either increase their income.

Individuals who have HIV/AIDs may be able to receive housing support from th Assisted Housing and Health Programs. Clients of Catholic Charities will be provided access to safe and affordable housing and related case management and support services. Various partial and/or full rent subsidies may be paid out from this program.

In addition to financial aid, which will always be limited, other services offered through this program may provide HIV or AIDs clients with referrals to community support, case management and other forms of counseling. The Catholic Charities Assisted Housing & Health Program organization also partners with and works closely with other non-profit agencies, HIV service providers, and government organizations in the San Francisco County to ensure that residents medical, psychological, vocational and social needs are met.





Help for immigrants in San Francisco

Immigrant and Refugee Services are fairly standard offerings. The agency provides charity and justice by welcoming newcomers to the country and the San Francisco California region. Catholic Charities can provide free or low-cost legal and other general support services to refugees and immigrants in the entire northern California region.

Specifically, some of the services offered include civic engagement, advocacy, education, legal immigration services, social services, and case management. Their Refugee & Immigrant Services department exists to respond to the needs of immigrants and refugees who are seeking legal immigration help, information, support services, and public aid. Catholic Charity offices are located in San Francisco and Redwood City California.

The non-profit agency helps families that have been separated and that was caused by the migration experience. Programs can help people reunify through family visa petitions, assists undocumented battered immigrant women and children gain legal status, or help legal residents gain citizenship. Catholic Charities also provides free advice and counsel on immigration legal matters in California.

The Board of Immigration Appeals recognizes Catholic Charities. Staff and counselors are accredited to provide a broad range of representation to new comers. They offer free immigration counseling to Asians, Spanish speakers as well as other immigrants and their families.

Arguably the main goal is to help immigrants understand the state and federal government immigration laws, and also people with their rights under the law. The refugee and immigration program was designed to guide clients and provide them advice, so that they can proceed through the immigration process in an effective, efficient and professionally caring manner.

Specialists from the Catholic Charities will also provide case management, resettlement services, and referrals for asylum-seekers and refugees who have fled violence, war, or persecution in their home countries. California, as well as the city of San Francisco, have many resources. Find immigration assistance programs.

Immigrant and Refugee Services in San Francisco can assist clients in achieving economic self-sufficiency and full legal status in the United States. People can become fully active participants in the social and cultural life of the US.

Case management and free advice from San Francisco

Shelter, housing, and related support services are also offered by the San Francisco St. Joseph’s Family Center. This location is committed to improving the lives of families or individuals who are in the midst of personal struggle. Catholic Charities and their St. Joseph’s location is one of the few emergency family shelters offering rental, housing and case management, and other support services to San Francisco families. People can use these services while they transition into long-term, more permanent housing.





Some of the resources and programs offered by the St. Joseph’s Family Center include emergency shelter, crisis intervention, free food and three meals daily, on-site case management and more. Counseling that is provided can address credit repair, money management, debt reduction and other job search support.

Catholic Charity churches, along with their staff and case workers, give free support, counseling, and care to the vulnerable as well. They can help the poor get food or clothes, or direct the homeless to section 8 housing in California. There is information on saving money, financial literacy, and counseling for immigrants or women who survived domestic violence.

Locations of Catholic Charities in San Francisco

Churches that are part of San Francisco Catholic Charities are extensive. There are several across the city as well as the county, as listed below. Each helps the homeless, working poor, individuals, and struggling families.

  • 180 Howard Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94105, phone number is 415.972.1200
  • 810 Avenue D, San Francisco, dial (415) 743-0017
  • 1390 Mission Street, San Francisco, call (415) 861-2940
  • Catholic Charities, 1340 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA, dial (415) 345-9912
  • 1111 Junipero Serra Boulevard, San Francisco, California, telephone (415) 334-5550


By Jon McNamara

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