San Diego Info Line support services.

A service that provides information on assistance programs to low income families is the Info Line. The San Diego County center and its staff can direct clients to housing assistance, including rent help or foreclosure counseling. There are also resources for seniors and their caregivers, such as meals on wheels. Much more information and referrals are offered though well, such as holiday help and food from local pantries.

Note that all of this is provided from referrals. So the Info Line service, which is sponsored by the United Way and others, has databases and information on local programs, and people seeking support from the community will be linked to these agencies. They will then need to apply and meet all qualifications, but as with any charity program, resources are limited.

Housing solutions in San Diego

People that either own a home, or that are looking to purchase one, can get help from HUD counseling agencies or other groups. There are several places to contact across San Diego County, and they offer a number of services to clients as noted below.

  • Housing counselors, which will be HUD certified, provide guidance and advice to help families and individuals improve their living conditions, stop foreclosures and meet the responsibility of home-ownership.
  • Non-profits offer free budgeting advice for sustaining mortgage payments.
  • San Diego Info Line can offer referrals to foreclosure counseling.
  • Government grants can help with downpayments and purchasing a new home.

San Diego Info Line will have referrals on Rental Assistance programs. Non-profits in the region use either California and federal grants, such as ESG, in an effort to prevent homelessness and evictions in the community. Also, some agencies in the region may also pass out free motel vouchers to the homeless if they can't move into a local shelter. So various housing solutions are administered, and the service will have ideas for callers.

Other Info Line services, including food, senior care, and employment

Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens across southern California provide emergency food supplies for a free, hot lunch or meal. This tend to be run by churches and volunteer organizations. Many of the pantries are also involved in the distribution of food baskets at Thanksgiving or Easter as well as food along with free gifts for Christmas. Whether someone wants to volunteer at a site, or apply for help, the Info Line will have details on which places to contact to do this.




Agencies across San Diego County focus on supporting senior citizens. A goal is to keep them living at home, and this will mean their nutritional and medical needs are met. The customer service staff at the Info Line can provide suggestions on places to try for assistance, and either seniors themselves or their care givers can use these resources.

  • Caregiver training and assistance is offered, along with respite.
  • Free meals on wheels will address nutritional needs, and non-profits or aging on aging in San Diego offers this.
  • Get information on people that will help with completing applications for CalFresh, financial assistance, LIHEAP (energy bill assistance), Medicaid / Medical, Benefits Access Application, transportation and other services.
  • Congregate dining centers are located across the county, and these offer free meals that meet USDA Recommended Dietary needs, including around the holidays.

The Info line can offer referrals to both Senior Dining Sites and more traditional centers, both of which offer educational and informational opportunities to the elderly and their spouses. Participants of these centers have the option of joining in these activities or they can just sit back and enjoy the food and company.

Job Development Centers in are equipped with computers, internet access, printers, resources and referrals. These locations are for people seeking employment and an increased income. Clients will be greeted and supported by a trained staff member and volunteers to assist with their job search, development of cover letters or resumes. Other aid may be offered as well, and customer service specialists at the San Diego Info Line may have ideas for assistance for when a person secures a new job but does not have money for transportation.

For more information, the the Info Line number is (1800)-227-0997. Referrals and suggestions will be provided to anyone that needs help.




By Jon McNamara

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