Mortgage help in San Diego from JP Morgan Chase.

San Diego is now the home of two Homeownership Centers that were opened by JPMorgan Chase Bank. There are dozens of these centers located across the nation, and these two San Diego California locations are part of a national program that has been put into place by the lender that calls for the expansion of its program that can help mortgage holders get assistance with their home loans and also help them avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.

Many of the program and resources being offered by Chase are targeted at those homeowners who are faced with an imminent default of their home loan, but over the mid to long term should be able to get back on track with their mortgage payments. For example, people who have experienced an unexpected emergency (such as job loss or medical emergency) and who don’t expect to be able to make their current loan payments, but who just need some short term relief.

However, there is also assistance offered for anyone struggling in any way. Aid is not necessarily limited to people who are immediately in default of their home loan. The centers were really started in response to the housing crisis in San Diego and really across the nation.

It is expected that almost 10 loan offers and housing counselors will be staffed in each of the San Diego JP Morgan Chase homeowner centers. According to the bank they want to reach as many homeowners as possible and try to help with by offering various solutions and mortgage assistance programs. One of the biggest advantages of the centers is to improve communication, and provide homeowners with the ability to meet one on one with housing counselors. Many experts agree that the best way to help borrowers find ways to stay in their homes and avoid a foreclosure is to sit down face-to-face and discuss their individual circumstances and potential options.

While the exact types of assistance will vary based upon the homeowners financial situation, some of the mortgage assistance offered will include loan modifications, principal reduction, term extensions, and waiving fees. Unfortunately it is true that some homeowners are just too far behind, or their financial situation is in such poor shape, that they just won’t able to receive any type of mortgage or financial assistance. In these cases the counselors will figure out them best way for them to get out of their home, find a new living situation, and limit as much damage as possible to their credit and housing situation.





In general, these San Diego California Chase mortgage help centers are considered to be successful and an invaluable resource for local families. JP Morgan Chase has prevented almost 500,000 foreclosures since 2009 through offering homeowners loan modifications, term extensions, short sales, fee waivers and other agreements, the company said.

Locations of the San Diego JP Morgan Chase centers

Currently there are two centers located in San Diego California. They are located at 660 Bay Boulevard in Chula Vista, CA (phone 619-409-8901) as well as 7777 Alvarado Road in La Mesa, CA 91942 (phone 619-469-4996).

By Jon McNamara

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