San Diego Catholic Charities assistance programs.

One of the primary objectives of Catholic Charities in San Diego is to support low income families and individuals who are trying to improve their living situation and who are working towards self-sufficiency. The non-profit may have limited financial assistance for emergency expenses, and social workers and case managers from the San Diego Catholic Charities can also leverage other resources and government aid. Programs work on behalf of the working poor, single women, unemployed, and others in the San Diego County region.

While resources are stretched thin and limited, social services are offered by Catholic Charities for one or more of the following.

  • Food assistance may be provided. In addition, many centers serve as a government food stamp application site known as CalFresh. There also refer people to emergency groceries boxes and may have USDA Commodities. Find a list of free food pantries in San Diego County.
  • Personal products may be offered to San Diego families, and can include Hygiene and Baby Supplies.
  • Senior Nutrition is offered, with the goal of helping maintain the health and well being of senior citizens and the elderly in the San Diego California community. Catholic Charities can, among other things, offer a free nutritious noontime meal, the opportunity for socialization with others, and a host of other needed services. This can include Nutrition Education, Socialization Activities, and referral to other food pantries and government programs.
  • Transition housing type services and assistance for the homeless is offered. This can provide men or women with the necessary tools and resources to improve their quality of life, find stable housing, and retain dignity.
  • Those who face imminent eviction or who are currently homeless may be able to qualify emergency housing, or they can receive information on rental assistance that is available in San Diego. Meals may be provided for up to 3 months to alleviate the hunger issue.

A vast number of case management services are offered by Catholic Charities, including counseling for issues like anger management, budgeting, and substance abuse. Debt reduction and general financial workshops are offered too.





Another focus is always on self-sufficiency, as people need to be able to pay their own bills in the future. So the San Diego Catholic Charities may offer the following.

  • Case managers from Catholic Charities can provide advice and assistance with employment leads, interviews, resources, and submitting job applications.
  • Translation and interpretation services.
  • Assistance with on-site and outside medical services, including lists of community clinics in San Diego.
  • Get help with setting dental and medical appointments and acquiring assistance with medical bills and health care resources.
  • English as a second language classes are organized by Catholic Charities in San Diego.
  • Medical screening and checkups.
  • Budgeting, credit repair, and money management workshops.
  • Referrals to federal government and state of California public assistance.
  • Job training and work-readiness opportunities for very-low income women and the homeless in San Diego.
  • Health and wellness activities and education.

As you will see above, one of the focuses is on helping people find jobs and increase their income and skills. The Catholic Charities is often regarded at the recognized leader in the provision of individualized work-readiness and job training programs. The agency will help people improve on and build personal competencies and marketable skills. Many of the social services are offered for women living in poverty in San Diego. Case managers will help them become self-reliant and sustaining members of society.

Catholic Charities in San Diego operates from the following sites

There are several in all parts of the county. Whether it is financial aid, immigration services, ESL classes, or free stuff, support is available.

  • FRC Downtown, 349 Cedar Street, Room 102, San Diego, California 92101, Phone number 619 231-2828 x102
  • College Area, 6360 El Cajon Blvd, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92115, dial 619 286-1100
  • FRC and Thrift Store Vista, 917 E Vista Way, Vista, California 92084, main number 760 631-4792
  • Catholic Charity Imperial Valley, 250 West Orange, El Centro, CA 92243, dial the agency at 760 353-6823



By Jon McNamara

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