Samaritan Group assistance and social service programs.

In an effort to assist the needy, the non-profit faith based charity known as Samaritan Group provides support. The programs available address primarily basic needs that someone may need for their home or apartment. In some cases, the charity may be able to increase the scope of what they are able to provide and it can include possible small dollar amounts of financial help.

The charity offers year round and seasonal support. This means there may be summer snacks for students out of school when they can't get USDA lunches, or there may be free Christmas gifts too. Other assistance includes help from the pantry and the sale of goods across Gloucester County from the thrift store.

Various locations in Gloucester County Virginia, including Samaritan Group, can pass out Emergency Food Boxes. The assistance is for individuals and families who are in immediate need of nutritional support and that may be facing hunger. If long term support is needed, then the case workers can direct the individual to SNAP food stamp intake sites. Note that a majority of the pantries in the community are open as the result of private donations as well as USDA Foods as well as Feeding America.

They feed children in the Gloucester County area. Not only will a snack be given to them during the summer months (when free lunches are not served at school), but meals, groceries and more items are offered too. There are also summer boxes of food given to students so they do not go hungry on Saturday or Sunday during the long break in action.

Samaritan Group informs both clients and those that do not qualify about programs to help them resolve a crisis. There is free information and referrals on where to turn to for help. Some of the resources in the community include SSI applications, energy bill assistance, health care/insurance, vocational counseling, and affordable child care. The staff also help people identify services which will provide long-range assistance, and one example is SNAP food stamps.

Samaritan Group uses a variety of strategies to enable low-income families as well as the unemployed move out of poverty. Whether it is a few dollars to pay for housing or rent, or some educational or work supplies, aid is arranged. So this financial assistance, no matter how limited it is, can help families maintain housing stability as well as employment.





“Neighbors” from across Gloucester County Virginia help the Samaritan Group thrift store. They support the site by donating good quality merchandise, which is then resold to the general public.

All sorts of items are given to the location. People will also get a tax deduction when given to a charity though. There may be clothing and furniture for sale, bedding, electronic, tents for the homeless, books, and more. Everything sold is done so at a reasonable price.

Anyone can shop at the store. There are no restrictions put into place by Samaritan Group or its partners. In fact, by shopping there people are in effect providing help to the less fortunate. As the money raised by the thrift store is used to provide financial aid for everything from bills to housing and more.

Seasonal donation programs:
There are at least 4 available, depending on donation levels. Volunteers are also needed to keep these Samaritan Group services operating.

-Angel Tree provides help during Christmas. Struggling families, whether they have children or not, are given help. They may also enroll into Adopt a Family. The program will allow them to provide free Christmas gifts of clothing, gift cards, shoes, toys, boots, and personal items.

Tools and School Supplies - Children from families meeting poverty levels receive such essentials as clothes, uniforms, shoes, winter attire, notebooks, pens/pencils and backpacks to help them prepare for school in the fall.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Boxes – Both warm meals are served as well as free boxes of nonperishable food are passed out. All across Gloucester County, restaurants, stores such as Kroger, and other groups donate to these services.

The faith based Samaritan Group is located at 6494 Main Street in Gloucester Virginia. Call them at 804-693-2252 for details.



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