Assistance from Sacramento Employment and Training Community Action Agency.

The focus of the Employment and Training Agency in Sacramento County is on offering workforce development, education services, and other self-sufficiency type resources. However they also administer other support from the Community Services Block Grant, or CSBG, that can help low income families with basic needs by offering referrals and more. Some of what is available in Sacramento may include food, shelter, transportation, and information on government assistance such as LIHEAP.

Head Start is one of their main resources administered. This offers educational services for younger students, including pre-school aged children that come from low income families or that live in poverty.  A number of resources are available as part of Head Start, including medical and dental care, special educational services, free food or meals, and also social services.

There is also self-sufficiency resources and assistance for parents, and in fact case managers and teachers from SETA rely on that parental involvement. For example, in working with local One Stop Career Centers and regional non-profit organizations, the community action agency promotes employment and job training programs to help parents get the help they may need. Parents are also encouraged to improve their own literacy or financial skills. In order to make this happen, they are provided support to further their education efforts in pursuing higher educational opportunities or obtaining a GED.

There is also Early Head Start in Sacramento, which is for very young children under the age of 3. The other option is Preschool Head Start, which assists families with children that range from 3 to 5 years of age. So there are two main parts of it.

The program is free to low income qualified families based on the Federal Government Poverty Income Guidelines. Please note that per government regulations, children from Sacramento County families receiving public assistance (such as SSI or TANF) are eligible for SETA Head Start/Early Head Start services regardless of their total household income or other factors. There are also resources available for children with disabilities. This is done in coordination with local early intervention and education agencies, school districts, non-profit community organizations, and other supports services.





An immigrant and refugee program is available. The Sacramento Employment and Training Community Action Agency Refugee Program helps people from all over the world. It is mainly targeted at adults, asylees, federally-certified victims of human trafficking, Cuban and Haitian Entrants and any other individuals granted Special Immigrant Visas, or SIVs.

As part of this, for refugees assistance is administered through northern California local agencies and charities. They are intended to assist them in achieving economic self-sufficiency and will also lead to reduced dependency on public aid. So resources may be job placement, ESL classes, information on low income housing, and educational programs. Find additional local immigration programs.

Working in partnership with other agencies, SETA runs the Community Services Block Grant – CSBG. It is run in partnership with the federal government and their U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is really an anti-poverty measure. Assistance is offered through numerous neighborhood-based organizations in Sacramento. They provide resources, emergency assistance programs, and services to produce measurable impacts.

What may be offered as part of this is self-sufficiency resources and emergency, financial aid for a crisis. The low-income and working poor may also receive free emergency food, shelter or rental help, transportation, and access to other available community resources. It can range from medical care to homeless prevention or security deposit programs.

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) or its partners may offer case management, transportation, and more as part of CSBG as well. Only those that meet federal poverty guidelines or are recipients of SSI or TANF are eligible.




Job training, for both the under and unemployed, is part of Sacramento Works. Centers across the city and county help people develop new skills, find job openings, prepare resumes and more. They can also help residents locate legitimate jobs to work from home. Each center provides clients with the training and tools necessary to find the type of career (or even short term job) that you are looking for.

For more information, contact Sacramento Employment and Training Agency. The address is 927 Del Paso Boulevard, Sacramento, California 95815. Phone - (916) 263-3800.


By Jon McNamara

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