Sacramento County Agency on Aging senior programs.

At the Sacramento Agency on Aging, also known as Area 4, case managers work one on one with older adults age 60 years and older. While anyone can stop by for support, a focus is on supporting senior citizens who are struggling with independence and meeting their daily living needs. The resources available in Sacramento focus on offering support, crisis assistance and the staff at Agency on Aging serve as a direct connection to accessing other helpful resources within the community.

There are so many forms of assistance available to eligible, struggling seniors. Examples of them include general information on government grants for bills or medical needs. There is also family support, elder refugee assistance, health and wellness, and assistance for medical issues. Meals on Wheels will also distribute food in the community. Each one of these will require a formal application from the client.

Sacramento Agency on Aging also offers other aid. This can be free food supplies, home repair, transportation, housing assistance, personal security, advocacy, crisis intervention, and direct financial aid. There may be funds for prevention of utility interruption as well as eviction/foreclosure prevention through legal support. Staff will also help the senior address any other debts they have as well.

The Home Maintenance Program from Area 4 in Sacramento County is offered to eligible seniors without any community support systems or resources available to them. Minor home repairs are offered by volunteers along with limited seasonal lawn care and snow removal. Examples of some of the services provided through the program include the following.

Plumbing work can be done. This will be minor repair or replace faucets, toilets, garbage disposals, install hand-held showers nozzles, or shower curtains. Minor carpentry work can be completed. Other support can be for electric needs, and the agency will replace light switches and fuses, reset circuit breakers, change light bulbs, and even install light fixtures.

Other limited support from Sacramento County Agency on Aging  includes lawn maintenance, snow removal, installing supplied air conditioning units and weatherproofing windows/doors. If more extensive repairs are needed, then the staff can offer referrals to home loan programs.




Another program available through Sacramento Agency on Aging is Medicare and free Medicaid Counseling. Specially trained counselors help elderly clients work through the often complicated federal government benefits. They are a little different in California, and are known as Medicare and or Medi-Cal systems. In addition, information and referrals to the Veteran Administration Benefits and Pharmaceutical Company Assistance Programs are available for those that need them.

Some of the support clients can expect to receive with their counselor includes enrollment, advocacy, research and information on the various health care solutions. The various programs are noted below.

Medicare is available in Sacramento as a federally-funded governmental health insurance program for eligible persons age 65 or over and for younger persons with disabilities. Enrollment is not typically based on income. Medicare has two subsets, and they include Part A and Part B. Medicare Part A will normally cover in-patient hospital and nursing home rehabilitation services. The other option, Medicare Part B, is public health insurance coverage for approved medical services such as office calls, emergency room visits labs, test, x-rays, and ambulance.

The Medicare Advantage Plan is another option. This was created in the state of California to be the replacement for Part D. This health and insurance plan covers prescription medications. Yet one other health care option is known as the Low Income Subsidy. This was created to be assistance in payment of Medicare Part D premiums, copayments, and certain deductibles.





There are various assistance programs for transportation for qualifying seniors through Area 4. The availability and eligibility for these services are based on individual needs and assessment. They often rely on volunteers as well to give the rides.

Transportation covered includes local trips to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, visits to the Senior center and other necessary excursions for daily living needs. There are even vans for the disabled or people that need help with getting into the car.

Sacramento County has a regional Senior Neighbors PARA-transit system. Very limited, local bus transportation is available from partners of Agency on Aging. The disabled in the area can use this resource as well. Low cost rides may be scheduled by clients.

The main location of Area 4 Agency on Aging is at 2260 Park Towne Circle, Sacramento, California 95825 Other resources may also be arranged for the hundreds of thousands of seniors that live in the county. Call (916) 486-1876 for intake or referrals.



By Jon McNamara

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