Rutherford County Tennessee housing assistance.

The federal government will help subsidize a portion of the monthly rent for very low income families in Rutherford County Tennessee, and there are a number of organizations that participate. There is a non-profit agency and/or charity to contact for help. They provide support to people of all backgrounds, including senior citizens, the disabled, single parents, and other low income families.

These federal government funded programs from the will require the tenant to contribute as well by paying a portion of rent and obtaining self-sufficiency. The number of residents supported is minimal, and there is generally a long waiting list in place for any aid.

There are organizations in Murfreesboro and Rutherford County that assist low-income households with obtaining safe, clean, decent, sanitary, and affordable housing in Rutherford County Tennessee. The main resource is HUD section 8 Voucher. This program uses a formula based on total household adjusted monthly income to determine each family’s required out-of-pocket monthly rental expense. As part of this service, HUD also performs annual housing quality inspections to ensure that all dwellings are safely maintained.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) offers short-term assistance with mortgage or rent payments. There are also other support services available by referrals for medical or other needs. The HUD program is only for people with AIDs or HIV and their families.

There may be grants as a form of emergency utility payments; access to long-term HOPWA voucher subsidies for paying rent; and listings for suitable, affordable housing in Tennessee. Participants are strongly encouraged to seek out and follow through with medical care and treatment, as well.

A number of housing assistance programs are available through the Family Development Counseling begin with a needs assessment that is then used as a basis for the creation of a formal service plan that is tailored to the family or individual. This will be combined with any rent vouchers from section 8.

  • The non-profits in the county also provide access to employment, health care, education or job training and information on effective parenting.





  • Family Development is strength-based, emphasizing personal goals and providing support through weekly or monthly meetings with staff members as the client works toward greater financial and housing stability.

The disabled in Rutherford County can look into Shelter Plus Care. This is run in partnership with agencies such as the Salvation Army and Room at an Inn in the county. This HUD supported program offer financial assistance for rent and utilities to homeless individuals with a physical or mental disability. S+C covers various medical needs.

Homeowner services from the non-profits in Rutherford County - Murfreesboro

There are Housing Departments based at non-profit organizations that offer Pre-Purchase Counseling to members of the general public who are interested in becoming homeowners. All services are conducted by the certified professionals.

-Sign up for one-on-one meetings with a Certified Housing Counselor that will focus on each client’s financial circumstances and mortgage readiness.
-The Murfreesboro based non-profits will also assist with the creation of a personalized budget, to help the client evaluate his or her finances and pinpoint areas that might be improved.
-Counselors will arrange for a free credit score assessment and an exploration of any barriers to qualifying for a low interest mortgage loan that may exist.

Rutherford County interested parties are encouraged to call the intake/referral number below and schedule a meeting with a Certified Counselor. In addition to participating in these sessions, clients are invited to attend the free First-Time Homebuyer Workshop.




Non-profits in Rutherford County also operate a Home Foreclosure Prevention/Mortgage Delinquency Counseling Program. There are agencies that have a HUD-approved, trained counselors on staff to assist borrowers who are delinquent on their mortgages. There is also assistance for those from Rutherford County who are in danger of imminent foreclosure. Many of those seeking help are struggling due to a reduction in pay, illness, senior living on a fixes income, the death of an income provider, job layoff, or the need to provide care for a family member.

After a confidential, individualized counseling session that is organized by the Murfreesboro based agencies, the counselor determines a course of action that best fits the homeowners often unique needs and also satisfies the mortgage company or other lender. This process is often welcomed by the bank as it helps them as well by addressing a financial barrier.

Help from the local organizations that offer housing assistance is also often greeted with relief by the client. With the goal of solving issues, bringing the mortgage up-to-date, and saving the person's home, counseling offers the following services of Client Education, Loan Modification, Advocacy with the Mortgage Company, Personalized Budget Creation, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, Deed in Lieu, applications to HARP programs and other solutions.

The non-profit are based in Murfreesboro as well as across Rutherford County. They offer everything from financial aid to shelter or grants for housing needs. However the rent and homeowner services are for all of Rutherford County Tennessee. For referrals dial 211.




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