Find emergency help from Roarke Center.

The assistance available from the Roarke Center is done so in partnership with local churches and charities. The resources are limited in scope, such as the medical clinic is only open one day per week. However the Rensselaer County organization will try to help in a crisis.

When it comes to financial aid, they can assist with housing issues such as heating bills or rent. The staff also advocate for the working poor and Troy New York and focus on self-sufficiency, such as Adult Literacy. There are even services available for ex-criminal offers, such as the Roarke Connection program.

Roarke Center Emergency Basic Needs Program offers assistance with more everyday living expenses. The staff can assist clients with obtaining non-narcotic prescriptions, gasoline vouchers or bus tokens for work, clothing, or food. While more rare, there can be other support too. This may be financial help with rent and mortgage payments, natural gas or water bills, school supplies, and holiday food and toys.

Through collaborative efforts with local churches as well as interviews from volunteers, there are staff that assess each applicant's needs. They will then be referred to solutions such as public benefit in Rensselaer County or Roarke Center will match the client with appropriate programs and services available. In addition, a Community Specialist sponsored by Roarke Center is available one day each week in the Office to meet with clients about applying for those benefits, ranging from disability to food stamps/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Roarke Center affiliated clinics serve children from low-income families who are covered by Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or private insurance. There is also basic dental or medical care arranged for adults and others who are uninsured and self-paying. The medical providers from Troy New York only offer this one day per day. However they will not only treat the child, but the whole family.

The Clinic provides a full range of quality services for patients and children from birth through age 18, ranging from preventative to acute care. The Rensselaer County regional clinic’s team consists of nurses, a medical assistant, a support staff, physicians and volunteers. All of these individuals work together to take into account the patient's overall health, nutrition, and home environment.




A food pantry is available in both southern and downtown Troy. It can provide some people free food for a few days, and this is mostly for the low income elderly, single parents, children and families in need. Other people from the community can still use the pantry, but they may need to pay a discounted rate for their groceries. So this Roarke Center service is a combination of free and reduced priced groceries.

Roarke Center Learning Center classes are open to all Troy residents. Seminars and workshops are held. They can assist with job searches, financial literacy, legal issues, and US Citizenship and Naturalization are available. Most of the support is provided for free or at a low cost.

Other job skill development is arranged in Troy New York as well. There are classes on General Educational Development (GED) test preparation, English as a Second Language (ESL), computer literacy, and other IT skills. Staff and volunteers from Roarke Center as well as churches work with local school or WIA workforce centers too.

The Adult Literacy sessions can be held as a class or as a one on one session. They may cover ESL or basic skills, such as math or reading. It can even be combined with some of the other services around job skills, such as Sewing and Weaving and creating writing classes. All of this is arranged in an effort to help the client find a new or better job in Rensselaer County.

Some of the other services from the center range from Roarke Connection, which helps women from Troy that are leaving jail. Or the staff will advocate for the less fortunate in applying for state of New York aid. For more details on these or many other services, the address is 107 4th Street, Troy, New York 12180, or dial (518)273-8351.



By Jon McNamara

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