Redding Electric assistance programs.

Whether you need information, referrals, or direct financial assistance, then Redding Electric may be able to help. The company works with qualified customers in an effort to find some sort of solution to their financial hardship. If you are beginning to struggle with your utilities then call the energy company before you fall behind in order to explore any options that may be available.

Seniors and households with a disabled member may receive a discount from the Lifeline Program. This will offer customers up to a 25% discount on their bill, including the monthly utility service charge. To learn more or to apply you will need to call the Housing Division Lifeline department at 225-4578.

The Redding Electric SHARE Program, or Simply Helping Another Receive Energy, is for senior citizens and the homebound that live on a fixed income. It can help them pay their energy/utility bills. It relies on donations from the community, and you can make a one time or recurring contribution.

All money paid into the SHARE program will be collected by Redding Utilities. They work closely with non-profits such as Golden Umbrella, which is a local community based non-profit agency. They will process applications and distribute cash to qualified low and fixed-income seniors. If you have any questions, whether on how to donate or to apply for SHARE, dial Golden Umbrella at 530.223.6034. You could also stop by the main administrative office at 777 Cypress Avenue, Redding, CA 96001.

Very low income customers may also be able to receive a discount. This is provided as part of the Lifeline Plus + program. This discount is only available to very low income customers who meet certain thresholds, and it is offered regardless of their age or disability. If found to be qualified you may be able to get a 25% discount.

Community Assistance for Redding Electric Service, or CARES, is an emergency or crisis program for customers who live in the City of Redding. This resource was created in an effort to help people bring their account to a current status. Among conditions that need to be met, the customer will need to pay the non-electric portion of their utility bill. There are a number of income guidelines in place that need to be met as well. In addition customers need to have undergone a temporary financial hardship to qualify.




You can only apply for CARES at most once per year. While the funding will very, at times families may receive up to $250 for their bills. More information can be obtained by calling 530.339.7200.

Life Support is more of a notification service. The City of Redding will notify customers in advance whenever an interruption of electrical power is scheduled where you live. So for example, if construction is to occur which would result in power being turned off, you will be notified. This allows people to plan accordingly. Dial 530.339.7200 to enroll into this advance notification program.

Housing Rehabilitation Program is a loan program for minor home repairs or energy conservation updates. This Redding program provides either low interest and/or deferred loans to qualified customers. The money that was issued need to be used to pay for home repairs and energy efficiency upgrades. Call the Housing Department at 530.225.4409.

Other local resources, which are non-affiliated, is the Self-Help Home Improvement Project (SHHIP). It offers free weatherization to low-income households, and this can help them save money. Call 530.378.6900 for information.




By Jon McNamara

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