Ramsey County Minnesota public assistance.

The Department of Human Services administers programs across the state, including in Ramsey County. The government provides help for low income families, the less fortunate, and others who are struggling, such as the unemployed or low income.

Cash assistance is offered to provide for basic needs. The primary program is known as General Assistance, and it can help single adults and childless couples. It is their main financial assistance/safety new program.

The GA Program provides those who are qualified with monthly cash grants for paying their bills and basic needs. Assistance is offered for vulnerable persons whose income and resources are less than the Hennepin County program limits. A related service is Minnesota Family Investment Program. This county and state run program is Minnesota's Cash and Food Assistance program for working poor and struggling families who need short term assistance.

Refugees and immigrants in Hennepin County can sign up for financial help from Refugee Cash Assistance. This Hennepin County program coordinates services and low income programs that can assist refugees, immigrants and newcomers in making the transition to life in the state of Minnesota. Among other things, get help with settlement and placement, social services, cash and medical bill assistance, and access to employment opportunities.

Most individuals who enroll in one or more of the programs above are also signed up for the Diversionary Work Program. This is a 4 month Hennepin County public assistance program that helps parents and families go immediately to work rather than receive welfare from the state or government.

Supplemental Aid is paid for by the state, but it provides a monthly cash supplement grant to people who are blind, older or have other disabilities and who also receive SSI.





The Child Care Assistance Program, or CCAP, can help pay for child/day care costs for low-income working families and those who are less fortunate.

The government runs a number of food assistance programs for seniors and low income families. MFAP is offered for non-citizens. The federal government Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/SNAP is offered in Hennepin County too. Vouchers can help people buy their food.  MFIP, or Minnesota Family Investment Program, is another state and Hennepin County public resource for low income families in the county.

Infants, pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, and children under 5 years of age can get free food, formula, and their needs met from the Ramsey County Public Health WIC program. The program provides supplemental foods and groceries to promote good health for breastfeeding, pregnant and postpartum women, children under 5, and infants. Participants of the WIC program receive free vouchers for buying food and groceries.

Hennepin County Health and Medical Care Programs can assist people with no insurance, low income, disabled, or people who are age 65 or older. The county can help people obtain coverage for paying their medical bills.

Many seniors receive public health care from Medicare. Also keep in mind that you can also get free medications from Medicare D coverage. The Hennepin County Department of Human Services provides more information and applications for this program. A more general program is known as Medical Assistance. The Ramsey County intake office can help you determine if you are eligible for Medical bill help. Patients may need to pay for deductibles, or the government program may pay for all of your prescriptions, medical and health care costs.

Senior care is provided for Nursing Homes, caretakers, and other at-home care services. Most beneficiaries are over the age of 55.





Emergency assistance as well as expedited public aid programs are available for Ramsey County families, single parents or individuals who are faced with a crisis.

Any type of emergency aid is usually paid out for a basic need or bill that is critical to keeping someone safe and healthy. For example, this can include money for shelter or other emergency expenses, such as food or life threatening medications that may be needed. If you are currently enrolled in some form of public assistance, call your caseworker to apply. If you are not currently on government aid, then call Ramsey County at 266-4444 to get information or apply for aid.

If you are close to eviction, or are homeless, then look into the Ramsey County Homeless Help and Shelter as well as the Housing Crisis Response team. The program offers housing services and support for low income or working poor Ramsey County families, single adults, and children/teenagers.

The Family Place is a short term housing unit. Among services provided, it coordinates intake services, provides free meals, helps people sign up for public aid, and also has social services staff on site. The center is located at 244 10th Street E (at Sibley) in St Paul Minnesota. Call 651-225-9354

The Ramsey County Department of Human Services is located at 160 East Kellogg Blvd., Government Center East, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101. Call 651-266-4444 for information on these or other government programs.



By Jon McNamara

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