Little Rock and Pulaski County Arkansas church assistance programs.

Churches across Pulaski County are often involved in serving the less fortunate across the county as well as city of Little Rock Arkansas. The charities and faith based groups do their best to assemble volunteers to provide assistance, collect monetary or material donations (such as clothing, school supplies or food), and may allocate one time, small dollar amounts of emergency financial aid.

When possible, this aid is provided to families, individuals, senior citizens, and the working poor. All resources vary, and not every church is involved in helping the less fortunate, but they may offer some or all of the following.

Church food, clothes, and basic supplies

Free clothing, food, hygiene supplies and household items – Buying these goods can sometimes be a drain on an already tight budget when a family is low to moderate income. To help minimize this drain, the churches across Little Rock and the county try to offer these goods. They may sell these items at from the thrift store a reduced cost. Or they may give out food and more for free from the food pantry.

The charities and faith based groups may also offer free store vouchers or grocery items to single adults, families, single moms or dads, or disaster survivors. There is also on occasion free items for people experiencing financial strain, such as job loss or reduction in their income. Find other free clothes programs in Little Rock.

Churches often try to feed struggling Pulaski County residents too. They may have a Food Pantry that helps low income, struggling families, and the working poor. When on site, they will be open to the general public. The goal of any pantry is to try to meet the nutritional needs of individuals as well as families that need some form of financial help. Churches can use the pantry to in an effort to provide adequate food for the client household.





As a visitor to a free Food Pantry, the client will be given a warm greeting from either a volunteer or staff member. The work at the site will show will welcome them with encouraging messages. They will ask questions to understand their needs and what the charity can do (if anything) to help.

The staff at a client choice food pantry in Little Rock Arkansas value the dignity of their clients very much. This is why individuals in need are given a positive shopping experience with the pantry. Dignity is also enhanced by the Client Choice Model. This type of set up allows individuals and families the ability to choose the food they and their family members want to eat.

Financial support

Financial aid from churches in Little Rock will be for low to moderate income residents of Pulaski County in a crisis. This is always limited and depends on donations and other factors. But the faith based groups also has programs for victims of domestic abuse, the disabled, veterans in need, at-risk youth, teenagers, and the elderly among others.

Many resources are offered. The non-profit charities will offer a wide array of grant and loan based aid. As funding allows, churches will cover housing, energy bills and self-sufficiency among other needs. The financial aid is given under the premises that those who seek help need a hand up and not a hand out.

Funds may pay for back rent, food, gasoline, medical needs, and more. All of the services as well as financial aid from are geared towards teaching self-reliance. So this is not some type of “hand out“ from the local church.

Immigration and Refugee Services can provide counseling and support to individuals and families who are eligible for immigration benefits and who cannot afford to pay for private or legal advice. One of the main goals of Little Rock Arkansas locally based church Immigration Services is to work for solidarity in our community by welcoming foreigners and strangers in the spirit of the Gospel. Some services may be offered with a minimal fee. Case managers can help people apply for resources, including housing and government assistance. The programs will assist and advocate for immigrants and refugees to attain social integration, family unity, and economic independence. Or find more details on free legal advice in Arkansas.




Free information, counseling and referrals – Unfortunately all of the various church groups in the Pulaski County Arkansas area do have limited funding and resources, and they can’t help everyone who needs it. So they can often provide people with information on other options. Many faith based groups can provide low income as well as struggling families referrals to programs such as LIHEAP (for utility bills), section 8 vouchers for rent, food banks, and other programs that can help pay for and meet their basic needs.

By Jon McNamara

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