Public assistance in Orange County Florida.

Many of the social service programs in Orange County Florida are operated from Community Centers. The phone numbers and addresses of the centers are below, as well as a summary of the programs that are administered. Low income families, and people who are struggling, can receive help for paying a number of bills and expenses, including rent, mortgage, utility, and medical. In addition, a variety of other government and public programs offered, as well as case managers, can work with individuals to help them find a job, or learn about other Orange county resources and public assistance programs that may be able to help them in an emergency.

Orange County Florida Crisis Assistance Program may have limited amounts of monetary assistance for people who are faced with a very short term emergency that was not caused by them. They also need to be able to get back on their feet and be self-sufficient within the next month too. The financial assistance that may be available is below. Call 407-836-6500

  • Housing expenses, including public assistance funds for paying rent, mortgage, or other shelter type costs.
  • Financial assistance for paying utilities, including water, gas, heating, and cooling bills.
  • Food and personal items.
  • Transportation, including bus passes and vouchers.
  • The crisis program can also provide referrals to other appropriate non-profit agencies, community resources, and government programs. This can include various social services as well as linkages to internal and family assistance programs of Youth & Family Services Division.

Veterans' Services can provide public assistance to Orange County Florida residents who are currently or former members of the Armed Forces of the United States. Immediate family members can also receive aid, including spouses, children and/or their dependents. Work with a specialist/case manager to get help in preparing claims for vocational training, compensation, hospitalization, and public assistance. In addition, learn about other state of Florida and federal government benefits and social services to which they are entitled. Call 407-836-8990. Specifically, services include:





  • Outreach to inform citizens on VA benefits available, including free medical care, medications, and financial aid.
  • Get assistance with filing claims for appeals and government benefits. Get referrals to other non-profit and local agencies.
  • Assistance with benefit plan applications for retired military survivors.

Employment Services and Job Training is offered in Orange County. This is provided by the local community action agencies in the greater Orlando area. The non-profit organizations can offer a comprehensive range of social services and advice to help people find a job, increase their income, and acquire new skills. The goal is to assist local residents in securing employment, gain skills and increase their income. Services as part of the employment programs can include job search and placement assistance, referrals, employability skills training, mentoring, computer skills training, vocational training, community services, etc.

Self-Sufficiency and Family Resource Program. This is a service that provides assistance and case management to Orange County Florida families who are enduring long-term hardships. Focus is usually on those who are experiencing difficulty due to health, medical and disability issues. Services are focused on assisting families to become self-sufficient through acquiring skills such as budgeting, obtaining social security disability benefits, financial management, applying for public aid, and helping people return to work or.

Services offered can include budget and debt counseling and financial assistance, linking clients with other community services, social services and government programs, and representing individuals in an effort to obtain needed services and benefits. Call 407-836-6512 to speak to a case manager.

Orange County Florida Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) as well as weatherization can help address utility and energy issues.

LIHEAP provides public funds and financial help to low-income households for paying utility bills. It is federally funded and helps people meet the costs of home heating and cooling bills. Weatherization will install free energy conserving updates to low income family’s homes to help them save money on their energy bills.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance can help in a crisis too. Cash grants can help low income qualified households who are in immediate danger of losing access to needed home energy, so maybe they are faced with a disconnection. This is considered a crisis situation. Up to two grant payments are allowed, which is once during cooling/summer season and once during the heating season. LIHEAP can offer financial assistance for regular bill payments, and can offer utility deposit and fees for restoring power.

Another option is the Weather-Related Conditions Assistance, which can be used during a weather crisis or emergency. This needs to be declared by the Florida Department of Community Affairs, President, or the state Governor. The crisis or emergency must be due to weather, and that is the only reason that would cause this assistance program to start. Any financial assistance provided can pay for fees for restoring power, regular monthly electric bills, and deposits.





Family Services, including Office on Aging, can help identify needed programs for seniors and the elderly in Orange County. The program can help link seniors to services for older adults to help them maintain their independence and quality of life within their home community, including cash and public assistance. Learn more about office on aging services.

In addition, the Orange County Florida Family Services Department can also provides and promote family services to low income and struggling Orange County citizens through the following assistance programs and services.

  • Head Start – Education, health care, and social services for children up to age 5. Services can also help their parents too.
  • Youth and Family Services – Get information of social services and local non-profit agencies.
  • Food and medical care – Find locations of food pantries and community clinics in Orange County.

Another similar offering is the Neighborhood Centers for Families. The resources offered may include tutoring, counseling, parent education, mentoring, employability skills, senior activities, and much more. Dial (407) 836-7610 for information.

Orange County and Orlando public clinics, secondary services, and a Pharmacy can help the low income and uninsured. Together these programs can provide free or low cost specialty medical services and public health care to eligible Orange County adults, children, and families. Secondary Services and the clinics provides quality comprehensive healthcare that include access to a pharmacy, Radiology, Nurse Case Management, and Specialty Physicians.

Prescription medications may be provided for eligible Secondary Care Patients, and this will be one-time only for eligible local hospital and emergency room discharge patients. In addition, the county can refer people to Patient Assistance Programs (PAP), which can be utilized for free or low cost prescription drugs that are made available directly through drug manufacturer programs.




Orange County Florida Community Centers

Call or stop by one of these locations for information or to apply for help.

  • East Orange Community Center, 12050 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32826, phone 407-254-9610
  • Hal P. Marston Community Center, 3933 W.D. Judge Drive , Suite B, Orlando, FL 32808, call 407-836-8484
  • Holden Heights Community Center, 1416 L.B. McLeod Road, Orlando, FL 32805 phone number 407-317-7636 or 407-317-7635
  • John H. Bridges Community Center, 445 W. 13th Street, Apopka, FL 32703, phone 407-254-9449
  • Lila Mitchell Community Center, 5151 Raleigh Street, Orlando, Florida 32811, dial 407-254-9490
  • Maxey Community Center, 830 Klondike Road, Winter Garden, FL 34787, call 407-654-5161
  • Pine Hills Community Center, 6408 Jennings Street, Orlando, FL 32808, phone 407-254-9100
  • Taft Community Center, 9450 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32824, 407-251-2434


By Jon McNamara

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