Subsidized child care services and assistance in Philadelphia.

Child care assistance is offered in Philadelphia from Child Care Information Services. From time to time grants and direct cash for paying expenses can be provided, but more likely individuals will be able to apply for low cost or subsidized child care to reduce their expenses.

Subsidized child care is provided from grants from both the state of Pennsylvania as well as the federal government. Funding has been made available to assist qualifying low to moderate income parents in paying for day care and child care costs and expenses. The various resources in Philadelphia are run by the non-profit Child Care Information Services.

There are many qualifications that need to be met in order for someone in Philadelphia to receive assistance with paying for their child care costs. The programs are focused on helping people who need help and are working, training for a job, or those who need a little short term help with expenses. By offering child care it can free people up to gain long term self-sufficiency. For example, get help with child care so that you can attend job training programs or school.

Married couples, single parents, and un-married people who are living together can all be eligible for subsidized child care or some of the grant programs. There are a number of conditions that need to be met, however in general in order to qualify, all parents living in the household need to.

  • Be considered low income and meet established guidelines.
  • They need to be training for a job or going to school at minimum of ten hours per week. Or the applicant can currently be working at least 20 hours per week.
  • Parent who have received TANF benefits within the last 90 days or teen parent under the age of 22 who are attending or studying for school/GED program may also qualify for child care assistance in Philadelphia.





The demand for this service is very high, so there is usually a waiting list. If you apply and it is determined that you are eligible for subsidized child care funding or grants, your application and request for care will be reviewed. If funding is not available, then you may be placed on the Child Care Information Services waiting list. All families and applicants are enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis for the program. Even if you are placed on the waiting list you will still be notified when funding becomes available.

Centers and child care providers available

A number of providers participate and partner with the county and city of Philadelphia. This provides families an extensive amount of choice when it comes to receiving assistance. The subsidized child care program and financial assistance offered allows parents to choose any participating regulated day care provider or child care program. In addition, if you do go ahead and select a local provider that is not currently participating in the CCIS subsidy program, the government CCIS agency will actually go ahead and contact that provider to arrange for them to sign up for the county’s child care assistance program. The program is so flexible that it can even provide families the option of choosing to have a neighbor or relative care for your child. In addition, in-home care, in certain circumstances, is also available for funding from the city of Philadelphia under the subsidy program.

Parents or caretakers may choose a child care provider for his/her child that best meets their needs. However, CCIS can only give unbiased referrals to child care providers, and cannot not recommend, guarantee, nor is it responsible for, the quality of child care services delivered by the provider. There are lots of ways to select a quality child care provider that you can feel comfortable with.

If you think you might be eligible for subsidized child care, please call 1-888-461-5437 and an Eligibility Specialist from the city of Philadelphia will provide you with more information and assist you with applying.



By Jon McNamara

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