Peoria County Housing Authority programs.

A HUD certified agency in Peoria County Illinois, the non-profit housing authority is committed to assisting people that rent their home or apartment as well as homeowners. They also support residents seeking to buy a property. Counseling is a major service provided, and specialists from the agency can also help people apply for financial aid or they coordinate local resources, such as home repairs.

Most of the financial aid, such as section 8 housing vouchers, are for very low income families and even those in poverty. This will in effect subsidize a portion of rent that is due, and there are also vouchers for the disabled and seniors in Peoria County. The non-profit can also direct clients to federal grants and other resources.

Home owner assistance from Peoria Housing Authority

One focus is on foreclosure prevention. From time to time, people may struggle over a short period of time, whether it is from a job layoff or medical emergency. For these individuals that are not living beyond their means, then Mortgage Delinquency Counseling provides clients free advice and support as they work to bring their housing payments current and potentially save their home.

A housing counselor from Peoria Housing Authority will work on behalf of the client with their bank or mortgage company to find a workable solution for both parties. If and when needed, the agency or the lender's attorney will become involved in the process as the the counsel and advocacy of a third-party HUD-approved counselor is a welcome addition to the process.

As part of the foreclosure assistance process, a counselor reviews income, expenses, and other details of the situation. They will then create a detailed budget for the borrower to use based on financial situation. Then, after this is done, the housing counselor will work with the client and lender toward a realistic and beneficial solution for all parties. The process will involve modifying a loan, exploring government solutions such as HARP, Deed in lieu, and Forbearance.

Home repairs can address basic needs. In most cases, a low interest loan will be issued to the owner, and they will use the funds to pay for what is needed. However, in some cases, volunteers may partner with the Peoria Housing Authority on making the updates. This can also be arranged by local businesses or charities in Peoria County, such as Habitat for Humanity.




The repairs will be for very low income families, and with a focus on seniors and the disabled. There may be updates such as minor roof repairs, changing light bulbs, and minor electrical work. Almost all of this will come with a small fee that is due.

Anyone looking to buy a home, for the first time, can get advice and guidance from the Peoria Housing Authority. There are workshops held, as well as one on one counseling, that will give information to clients wishing to purchase a home.

All aspects of the process will be addressed, ranging from details on the educational process to budgeting skills. Counselors will also work with the individual on eliminating any debts they have as well as cleaning up of credit history, which will allow them to take out a lower interest rate loan. Additionally, sections on legal aspects of home purchasing and home ownership, such as insurance issues, predatory lending, home maintenance, and mortgage shopping skills are learned.

Assistance for renters and the homeless

The primary resource, though the most difficult to get due to the demand, is Section 8, also known as the Housing Choice Voucher. It is for very low income families, and federal government funds will be used to pay a portion of the rent on a new home or apartment. The tenant will also need to pay a portion of the expenses as well.

Peoria Housing Authority receives funds through HUD, and the money is used to pay a portion of rent. The voucher allows household to live in a home or apartment of their choosing as long as it meets standards for safety and affordability determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It can also pay for a portion of utility bills and other expenses, as determined by government regulations.

Veterans in Peoria County can get help from Supportive Services for Veteran Families. This include grants for rent, moving costs, and utility bills, and it also gives clients information and case management. SSVF promotes housing stability among very low-income or formerly veteran families who reside in or are transitioning to permanent housing.

Case managers from the housing authority also offer advice to veterans. They will help them apply for benefits from VA, and access job training, which will help them increase their income. SSVF focuses on support and intensive case management to help participants increase their ability to sustain permanent housing.




Shelters are available, and those who show the ability to improve their situation, may more into transitional housing. The Peoria Housing Authority will provide referrals to the non-profits that offer these programs. Guests will receive support such as one-on-one counseling to determine a client’s specific needs, both immediate and long-term. At the proper time, referrals are made to financial assistance programs in the region too.

For more information, the authority is located at 100 S. Richard Pryor Place in Peoria, Illinois 61605. Or call 309-676-8736.


By Jon McNamara

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