Pennsylvania health care for uninsured.

Residents who do not have health insurance, or whose plans are limited, can look into Pennsylvania sponsored medical assistance programs. Non-profit organizations, state agencies, and some charities administer services for income qualified individuals and these are often run in partnership with the state.

The exact type and amount of care will vary based on available resources, the applicant’s income, and other factors. Some of the programs offer specialty care, such as help patients with cancer or certain diseases. Addressing the needs of uninsured children in Pennsylvania is always a focus as well. Other needs that can be met include prescription medications, vision, checkups, immunization, and more. If you are struggling to find the care you need then one or all of these resources may be able to assist.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention & Treatment Program (BCCPT) – Coordinates full health care benefits for uninsured and low income women needing treatment for cervical or breast cancer. Some assistance may also be available for addressing any pre-cancerous condition of the breast or cervix. While there may be some minimal co-payments due from patients, in general this is a free health care program that provides treatment of these various forms and types of cancer. While more limited, it also includes assistance for paying for the medical needs and bills that are not directly to the diagnosis. Call 800-842-2020

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is federal government funded and also offered in Pennsylvania. Children who lack health insurance and whose families do not qualify for Medicaid because their income is too high can benefit from CHIP. The state can pay for immunizations, basic checkups, prescription medications, hearing aids and tests, dental cleanings and more. While your income will be reviewed, the care offered in Pennsylvania for children is either free or low cost. 800-986-5437

Children's Rehabilitation Program coordinates rehabilitation services to infants and children who have a neuromuscular disorder. Call 800-986-4550 for information.

Chronic Renal Disease Program, or CRDP, is for adults with end-stage renal disease, and it can pay for treatment and care. The state program can help with bills related to medications, inpatient and outpatient services, dialysis services, home dialysis supplies and equipment, and other expenses. 800-225-7223




Cleft Palate assistance can help pay for and coordinate medical services to children, babies, and infants with cleft palates and/or lips. 800-986-4550

Comprehensive Specialty Care Programs - Other Chronic Conditions is for children from working poor or medical under insured families. It provides for medical services for a limited number of chronic health care conditions. The program can assist children who come from families without insurance with cardiac, orthopedic, cleft palate, and neuromuscular conditions or other chronic medical conditions. Other needs addressed include hearing and speech impairment, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia and spina bifida. 800-986-4550

Cooley's Anemia provides comprehensive medical services for adults and children with Cooley's Anemia. 800-986-4550

The Cystic Fibrosis Program is available for both adults and children across Pennsylvania who have this condition. Receive outpatient follow-up, diagnostic tests, medications, inpatient surgery, multidisciplinary medical services, and therapy. Dial 800-986-4550

Healthy Woman Program (HWP) administers Free Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening, with a focus on early detection. Some of what can be provided includes pelvic examination and Pap smears, clinical breast exam, mammogram, education on breast self-exam, and follow-up diagnostic care for an abnormal result. If after all of this testing is complete, if cancer is detected, patients may be eligible for treatment in Pennsylvania. 800-215-7494

Speech and Hearing Program – Health care services are offered to children and infants who either have, or who are even suspected of having, a hearing and/or speech impairment. The organization and state provide diagnostic testing, remediation of speech, treatment, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and more. 800-986-4550

Hemophilia Program includes comprehensive medical services for residents, regardless of age, who are suffering from von Willebrand's disease or hemophilia. Telephone number is 800-986-4550

Pennsylvania Medical Assistance, also known as Medicaid, is the state of Pennsylvania and federal government program that pays for health care services thru various financial assistance programs. The state can pay for bills including physician visits; inpatient hospital care; medications; home health care; medical supplies/equipment; nursing facility care; inpatient/outpatient psychiatric and drug and alcohol services; and dental care.

Orthopedic Program coordinates habilitation and rehabilitation services to infants and children who have an orthopedic condition. Medical services offered include therapy for infants/children. Also sign up for diagnostic tests, treatment, therapy, outpatient follow-up, and more. Depending on the applicant’s income, some families may be required to contribute and pay for a portion of their own medical bills. Call 800-986-4550 for intake.

Pennsylvania Fair Care – This is basically health insurance for people who have been denied insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions. The program provides a broad range of health benefits, including specialty and primary care, hospital stays, and prescription medications. While pre-existing conditions will be addressed, however note there may be premiums due, deductibles and out of pocket limits from enrollees. 888-767-7015

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) can assist senior citizens and the elderly in acquiring assistive technology devices and services. The organization will underwrite low-interest loans which can be used by residents to acquire computers with specialized hardware/software, wheelchair accessible vans or ramps, home modifications, hearing aids, and stair glides etc. Call 888-744-1938 for details.





Pennsylvania Patient Assistance Program (PA PAP) – Low income and uninsured residents can be put into contact with specialists who can assist them in applying for pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs. 800-955-0989

Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for Elderly / PACE is the state’s prescription assistance plan for older residents with low income or limited health insurance plans. Applicants need to be 65 or older, can’t be enrolled in any Medicaid Prescription benefit, and need to meet income limits. Beneficiaries can receive a 30 day supply of medications, and seniors will only need to pay $9 for brand names or $6 for generic prescriptions. There may be a small deductible. 800-225-7223

Sickle Cell Disease Program – The organization can provide comprehensive services, including psychological, medical, and social to persons diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Coordinates confirmatory testing, education, comprehensive care coordination, counseling, emergency medical care, preventive therapeutic therapy, newborn screening follow-up, outreach, support groups, and other transition services. 800-986-4550

Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program (SPBP) can help pay for HIV/AIDS related drugs. It is available for uninsured and low to moderate income residents. Call 800-922-9384

Spina Bifida Program can coordinate comprehensive services to both adults and children who have Spina Bifida. The program can pay for, or provide diagnostic tests, inpatient surgery, multidisciplinary medical services, treatment, therapy, and outpatient follow-up. Telephone number is 800-986-4550




Vaccines for Children Program, or the Pennsylvania VFC, offers affordable to free vaccines for children. All medications, vaccines and shots are distributed to local health agencies and clinics, who then provide the service to children. Vaccinations are for influenza, Dipththeria, measles hepatitis, Meningocaccal, mumps pertussis, polio, tetanus etc. 717-787-5681

Pennsylvania WISEWOMAN is offered for people age 40 to 64. Resources are available to help delay, prevent, or control cardiovascular and other chronic diseases in uninsured and low-income women. Screening and more is offered, including cholesterol checks, blood pressure, glucose, weight, height, personal medical history, addressing health behavior and readiness to change assessments. It also offers referrals as needed. Dial 717-787-5900.


By Jon McNamara

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