Emergency and financial assistance in Oneida New York.

Emergency and government assistance in Oneida County New York can help the low income, unemployed, seniors, and working poor. A number of programs and resources are available, some of which are federal or state government funded. Learn how to get help with paying for heating bills, food, medical expenses, and job training programs.

The county operates a Temporary Assistance Department. The unit can provide short term crisis assistance while working with families on longer term self sufficiency. When you apply, social workers may help you receive government aid such as Medicaid, Temporary Assistance (Safety Net Assistance and Family Assistance ), Food Stamps, Emergency Financial Aid, and heating bill assistance from HEAP. However the county operates a number of other resources as well. This includes assistance and advice in obtaining such benefits as safe affordable housing, child support, daycare, and information on rental assistance such as section 8 vouchers. Job training is also available in Rome and Utica, and all of these resources combined to help make the difference that overcomes barriers to family stability and employment.

Medical bill assistance and health care is provided from Medicaid. Applicants need to meet low income levels, and the federal government program can help eligible Oneida County residents who lack insurance or otherwise can't afford to pay for their medical bills. Services provided by the program include physician services, X-rays, inpatient and out patient hospital care, skilled nursing care, laboratory work, medical transportation services, early and periodic screening of children, and help with paying for home health care services. People will need to apply at the Rome (336-7411) or Utica (798-5632) office. To learn about Home Care call 315-798-5456. Current residents who have a Medicaid card can call 315-798-5585 to get the information on local doctors and physicians who accept Medicaid, or they can learn about local community clinics.

Emergency financial assistance can help families in a crisis. This program can help people who may not be eligible for other public aid or ongoing assistance, so some more moderate income people may benefit. Some of what can be provided includes emergency rental assistance, heat/utility bills, applications for HEAP, free food, and more.




Self sufficiency services are offered. Case managers offer ongoing operation and monitoring of numerous government assistance programs and policies. They will partner with other divisions and local non-profit agencies, and all of them combine resources to help people move toward self sufficiency. For example, a Domestic Violence Liaison is available to see each client. There is a Landlord Liaison worker who helps with evictions and rent help. A drug/ alcohol team and volunteers can support substance abuse issues and treatment.

Managed Health Care is offered in New York for all Safety Net (SN), Family Assistance (FA), and Medicaid (MA) clients. Some people on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may also benefit and enroll in a Medicaid Managed Care plan. There are no costs to the program, and no co-payments are due. Dial 315-798-5834.

Free food and groceries are offered from SNAP, which is also known as Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. This is a federal and state of New York program that provides supplement assistance to low income and working poor households so they can obtain low cost nutritious meals. Food benefits are provided thru Electronic Benefit Transfer ( EBT ) cards, which people can use to purchase food at a grocery store or retail outlet. To apply for food stamps, call one of the following organizations. Dial the Central NY Food Bank at 1-866-839-7304 and/or the Mohawk Valley Community Action, Inc. (MVCAI) at 315-624-0821. You will need to apply.

The New York Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is focused on helping with paying heating and utility bills. The program is for low to middle income individuals and families in meeting the costs of paying for their home energy, especially during the winter. Most HEAP applications need to be submitted at the Rome Social Services office, which is located at 300 W. Dominick Street or the Utica Social Services office at 800 Park Ave. Outreach services are also available as part of HEAP for those who are over 60 and disabled, and this service is also offered at the local Office For The Aging.

Mass mailings of applications for HEAP are done at the beginning of the fall and winter HEAP season for those who are disabled, over 60, and even Oneida families under 60 who have a vulnerable member. Residents of Rome New York, in addition to applying at the local Social Services office, the Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency processes applications for both HEAP regular and emergency situations, and the agency can also help people apply for free weatherization as well.





Employment Division will facilitate job training and help people find a job. The organization coordinates with Workforce Development, local JOBS staff, community action agencies, non-profits, as well as the disability community. The Oneida County Employment Division is able to provide a wide range job retention and employment seeking activities. Applications for the Temporary Assistance program, people who get Food Stamps, and others may be referred by their case worker to either the Utica or Rome Employment Division office. Case Managers in the Employment Division work to meet Federal and State of New York requirements while individually tailoring the program to the skills of the applicant.

Day Care is offered as part of the Oneida County Department of Social Services. This is provided as part of temporary assistance, and child care is offered for those who are participating in an approved educational or job training program. Day care assistance is also available for income qualified working families or individuals who are not receiving any other public aid or temporary assistance. If you are successfully enrolled, you will be able to use the services of a certified day care center in Oneida County. From time to time you can even select a friend, relative, or neighbor to offer services.

To apply for temporary assistance or other aid stop by the office in Utica at 800 Park Ave., Utica NY 13501, (315) 798-5937 or Rome, 300 West Dominick St., Rome New York 13440, phone (315) 338-0208.





By Jon McNamara

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