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Oklahoma free legal aid and advice.

There are two main non-profit law firms that provide free legal aid to Oklahoma residents. This will be based on the client’s income as well as age, with a focus provided to senior citizens who can qualify regardless. They are Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma and the second option for residents is Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc. Referrals may be given to other local firms as well.

These organizations help the low income, elderly, senior citizens, and people with disabilities, as well as the Indian population of Oklahoma. Many services and much of the legal advice may be provided at no cost to those that qualify.

Some of the services they offer include advice to prevent an eviction and foreclosures, help for utility service shut offs, consumer credit issues, unemployment claims, and family issues, among other cases. Any type of civil matter can be covered. Find more information on the programs below, as well as the contact information.

Government assistance programs

There are a number of different programs in Oklahoma, and when combined with those also offered by the federal government, the number of options and the complexity of what is provided is extensive. Many times people may be improperly denied access to benefits they should be able to receive. This is where an attorney can provide legal help.

For example, receive free aid and tips for issues such as applying for public benefit or entitlement programs. Other resources include family security, unemployment insurance benefits, food stamps, or TANF (welfare) benefits. They also provide assistance and can answer question on accessing federal government programs such as Social Security, SSI, Medicaid, Medicare and health care and insurance options.

Housing, foreclosure, and rent

Thousands of families across the state of Oklahoma are either losing their homes to foreclosure or being evicted from their apartments or homes. Attorneys can help people through these situations. A non-profit law firm can advise you on your foreclosure rights and the process, and they may even be able to help you save your home by working with your lender and finding solutions.




Evictions and renters can also get legal representation. Lawyers and their staffs work to stop homelessness in Oklahoma. In addition, get free legal help with cases involving tenant’s rights, substandard and unsafe housing, home ownership and foreclosure prevention and defense, or support in dealing with landlord issues such as lockouts and utility shut-offs. The non-profit Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma can also assist with farm worker housing, housing discrimination and your rights and get assistance with eviction defense.

Legal help for credit issues and from debt collectors

Another symptom of the weak economy is people struggling to stay current with paying their bills and consumer debts. Many are struggling with medical and credit card debt as well as other various other bills. You can even receive some limited assistance here, with these issues, as well.

If a debt collector is harassing you, an attorney can help. They can help you deal with unpaid utility bills and ensure your service is not illegally disconnected. Some of the other free legal aid you get can involve issues with wage garnishment, illegal or predatory loans and mortgages, high interest rate and questionable credit card terms, incorrect credit reports, and more. Many debt and credit issues that qualified Oklahoma families have may qualify for free legal aid and representation.

Labor and unemployment rights in Oklahoma

Get assistance dealing with the complex Oklahoma and federal unemployment as well as general labor system. Help is provided for issues that range from minimum wage and fighting employers on overtime claims. Other workplace matters such as sexual harassment, working conditions, boss or supervisor retaliation, and your employee rights at the workplace can be dealt with.

Civil and domestic issues

When possible, the pro-bono law firms can also address a number of other issues. They will not handle criminal cases, as a client needs to find other options in those instances. If someone is filing for a divorce or child customer matter, then advice may be provided for that. Seniors in Oklahoma can get assistance with completing a will or trust.





Several other civil matters can be covered as well. The attorneys that are part of the firms in Oklahoma want to ensure that the less fortunate and low income in the state get fair and complete legal support. The lawyers may even represent some people in court, in front of a local judge.

Contact information on the Oklahoma non-profit law firms

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. - This firm covers all residents across the state. They offer programs such as those mentioned above, and much more. Visit their website at for more information on the services or to apply for free legal aid, or call them at 405-557-0020. (Note, long distance charges will apply.)

Oklahoma Indian Legal Services (OILS) - This is a specialty law firm. OILS is a non-profit legal aid office that low-income Indians living in Oklahoma can turn to for free assistance. The attorneys, paralegals and professionals at OILS represent and work closely with Indian people in any civil law cases that they need help with. The paralegals can arrange legal support and connect clients with resources available for their Indian status. 800-658-1497.

By Jon McNamara

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